Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1615

With this blow, Lin Mo dropped this man directly into the crowd, smashing several people to the ground.

These few people, however, were still holding things, ready to smash into He Qianxue.

Lin Mo struck out with this blow, showing no mercy.

These people were smashed to the ground, and all of them fell to the ground, and some unfortunate ones even had their bones broken, lying on the ground and wailing.

At this moment, the crowd below, who were still roaring in anger, froze in their tracks.

No one had expected that Lin Mo would actually make a move in such a situation.

On the stage, when Wan Zifeng saw this scene, a cold aura immediately flashed across his eyes.

“What a big dog’s guts!”

“You want to use violence to scare people after being poked through a lie?”

“For this kind of person, my Wan Family will never condone it!”

Wan Zifeng shouted angrily, and several of the offered experts around him stood out directly.

Looking at that stance, as soon as Wan Zifeng gave the order, they would go all out to besiege Lin Mo!

Wan Zifeng had long had the desire to kill Lin Mo, but he had been sarcastically accused by Lin Mo of bullying the weak and bullying the small with the strong, so he did not dare to make a move.

Now, seizing the opportunity, he wanted to take advantage of this matter to deal with Lin Mo.

Seeing this, the people from the ten major families in Suzhou Province also stood out, staring at Lin Mo with an aggressive manner.

Qian Yong’an, on the other hand, said with a leathery smile, “What’s wrong with you, Mr. Lin?”

“Annoyed and angry?”

“Even if you’ve been poked at for a lie, you don’t need to be this angry, do you?”

“To be a man, you still need to have some manners!”

Lin Mo ignored them and just casually flicked his shoulder, as if he was flicking off the dust of the man from earlier.

After that, he swept his gaze over the crowd and finally landed on Qian Yong’an: “Divine Doctor Qian, is this how you treat your guests in the Ten Great Families?”

“You invited me up, and now, before you’ve finished speaking, someone is moving their hands and trying to drive me down?”

“What, could it be that you are afraid of something? Trying to seal my mouth and prevent me from speaking?”

Qian Yong’an’s face changed and he said in a deep voice, “Afraid of you? Hmph, you’re really ridiculous!”

“With this faked data of yours, who would be afraid of you?”

“We’re kicking you down just because we think a liar is not qualified to stand here!”

Lin Mo: “Who are you to call me a liar?”

Qian Yong’an: “On the basis that you faked these data!”

Lin Mo: “Then what makes you say that these data of mine are faked?”

Qian Yong’an: “You ……”

He was momentarily stumped for words.

These things, he couldn’t produce any evidence or anything.

However, Qian Yongan quickly regained his composure and said in a cold voice, “But whenever a medicine cures a disease, more or less, there will be some side effects.”

“As the saying goes, every medicine is poisonous, and that is the truth.”

“Your data, which shows that normal cells, are hardly affected at all, is completely out of line and not in line with normal medical common sense!”

“In other words, it’s completely impossible!”

“Is this not even considered data falsification?”

Lin Mo sneered, “Qian Yong’an, if you can’t do something, do you think others can’t do it either?”

“If you want to say that my data has been falsified, you have to produce evidence, not just dare to make random claims here with empty words, understand?”

Qian Yong’an exclaimed, “Surnamed Lin, don’t give me any nonsense.”

“If you want to prove whether these data are falsified or not, then you need to go through a lot of experiments to do so.”

“You’re asking me to produce evidence now, how is that possible?”

“However, those present, are all experts in this field, as well as divine doctors from all provinces.”

“Let’s put it this way, let’s let everyone judge and see if this data of yours, is possible or not!”

After speaking, Qian Yong’an walked directly to the edge of the stage and said aloud, “Friends, do you think, is this data credible or not?”

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