Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1618

The crowd was in an uproar.

These data, can anyone else prove its authenticity?

Qian Yong’an said in a deep voice, “Is this the data submitted by your Xu Pharmaceutical again?”

“Humph, I’m afraid the data you brought out yourselves is not enough to be believed!”

Lin Mo smiled lightly, “Don’t worry, this is not our Xu Pharmaceutical’s data!”

After speaking, he turned to Yuan De and said in a loud voice, “Elder Yuan, haven’t you always said before that the development speed of our Xu Pharmaceutical’s Rejuvenation Pill is too slow!”

“In fact, our reconstructive pills, have been developed successfully long ago.”

“It’s just that we need some authoritative institutions to help us experiment with the specific effects of this reconstructive pill.”

“For this reason, we have asked the three major authorities in China, and nine other authorities in the world, to do clinical validation of our reconstructive pills.”

“And now, the results of these verifications have been sent over.”

Hearing this, the crowd at the scene suddenly stared in awe.

The data provided by Xu Pharmaceutical was indeed unbelievable.

However, if it was data provided by the three major domestic authorities, and the nine major authorities in the world, then no one would dare to doubt it!

Qian Yong’an’s eyes widened as he looked at Lin Mo with a face full of incredulity.

He had never dreamed that Lin Mo would have left such a hand.

He had actually invited these authoritative institutions to do clinical verification for this reconstructive pill.

These data were far more authoritative than the data he had provided!

Lin Mo held his phone and looked at Qian Yong’an with a smile, “Divine Doctor Qian, can I borrow your screen again?”

“Since all of your friends in the medical field are present, such good news should be shared with everyone, don’t you think so?”

Qian Yong’an’s face was a little stiff, he knew that the fact that Lin Mo was so confident meant that the data was true.

He really didn’t want Lin Mo to release these figures here, but the question was, could he stop it?

Those people at the scene, they were all staring straight at this side.

Right now, these people didn’t care whose reconstructive pills were more effective, they just wanted to see the best medicine!

In the end, Lin Mo put the data from his phone onto the big screen.

On it, was the data sent from the three major domestic authorities, as well as the nine world authorities, and the proofs they provided.

Seeing the data on it, the crowd at the scene immediately boiled over.

This was because the data verified by these authoritative institutions and the data verified by Xu Pharmaceutical were completely consistent, without any discrepancies.

In other words, the data provided by Lin Mo before was completely true.

Moreover, this time, no one could refute it!

Who could refute these authorities?

The crowd was overwhelmed with excitement, they had witnessed the birth of a miracle pill today!

This is a medicine that can cure cancer patients completely without any after-effects.

The reporters rushed to the front of the stage, wanting to interview Lin Mo.

Those who were too slow to get to the front of the stage turned around to interview anyone related to Xu’s Pharmaceuticals.

He Qianxue, God Doctor Xue, Lu Sanzhen, all these people were surrounded by reporters for interviews.

Even Mouse was surrounded by reporters, with dozens of microphones pointed at him, and a crowd of people gathered around him, asking for information about this rejuvenation pill.

The agents, on the other hand, all ran to the side and started to call their subordinates, asking them to hurry to Xu Pharmaceutical and fight for the agency rights of this Recycle Pill.

Those who had already negotiated with Wan Chun Tang as agents before, now ran to cancel their contracts with Wan Chun Tang while desperately trying to please Lin Mo’s side and get Xu’s Pharmaceutical’s agency.

The scene was in complete chaos.

Wan Chun Tang, the top ten families in Su Province, was completely thrown to the side, unnoticed!

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