Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625

Seeing the poisonous spider, those men at the scene, for a moment, had a feeling of breathlessness.

The Poison Spider’s beauty was the kind of beauty that was so stunning that one could not breathe.

Even Wan Zifeng’s eyes flashed a brilliant aura, shocked by the Poison Spider’s beauty.

The poisonous spider came slowly, the bells on her ankles ringing softly with her steps.

With each step, it was as if she stepped on one’s heartstrings, causing one’s heart to beat along with her steps.

She walked all the way to the Prince’s side under the attention of everyone.

“Son, don’t say such things nonsense in the future.”

“How can Qian Yong’an be your son?”

Qian Yong’an snorted lightly, thinking that the poisonous spider was quite sensible.

However, Poison Spider then slowly spat out four more words, “He, ah, doesn’t deserve it!”

At these words, the whole audience roared with laughter.

Qian Yong’an’s face turned blue and he jumped like a thunderstorm, “What did you say?”

The poisonous spider looked up at him, “I said, you are not worthy!”

“What are you, you’re not even worthy of being a dog to me, and you still want to be a grandson to me?”

Qian Yong’an was furious and said angrily, “Poison Spider, you don’t go too far!”

“I, Qian Yongan, am at least a member of the Qian family, by doing this, you are trying to make an enemy of my top ten families in Su Province ……”

The poisonous spider directly interrupted him, “That’s right, I am trying to make enemies with your top ten families in Su Province, so what?”

“How about we just start a fight?”

After Poison Spider finished speaking, he directly waved his hand, “Come on, tell the brothers to do it!”

A strong man next to him, put his hand into his mouth and let out a whistle.

With this whistle, the windows all around were suddenly smashed.

Countless men in black broke through the windows from outside and instantly filled this hall.

The eyes of the people from the ten great clans were almost glazed over, at least five hundred people had entered in this short period of time!

The poisonous spiders had come prepared for this trip, and had brought so many elites with them?

If they really had to fight, these people from the Ten Families would be no match for them!

Qian Yongan looked at Zhao Tianyuan.

Zhao Tianyuan’s face was pale, how could he dare to say anything?

In such a situation, he might be able to retreat in one piece. However, the rest of the Zhao family might not be able to!

As for reasoning with the poisonous spider?

Heh, was the poisonous spider the kind of person who would reason with you?

A poisonous spider is the kind of person who will kill your whole family at the drop of a hat!

If she really P*ssed off the poisonous spider, she would really dare to go on a killing spree here today!

The Poison Spider’s personal strength was actually not as strong as Zhao Tianyuan’s.

As for Huo Hua, the deterrent effect wasn’t that strong either.

However, in the Southern Six Provinces, no one dared to mess with her because of this reason.

No one dared to kill her because of Huo Hua!

However, the poisonous spider really dared to kill others!

Seeing that Zhao Tianyuan did not say anything, Qian Yongan knew that he could not count on the Ten Great Families, so he could only look at Wan Zifeng.

Wan Zifeng frowned and said in a deep voice, “Poison Spider, what do you mean by this now?”

“My Wan family’s people are also here, are you planning to kill my Wan family’s people as well?”

The Poison Spider laughed, “Wan Zifeng, I really intend to kill you!”

“Did you, just now, call my son a b*****d?”

“Hehe, even if it was your Wan family head who said that, I will not stop with him until he dies!”

“Who are you to dare speak like that?”

“Kill me!”

The Poison Spider gave an order, and the surrounding crowd immediately rushed up, hundreds of people surrounding towards the Wan Family’s people.

Seeing such a situation, Wan Zifeng’s face instantly changed.

He did not expect that the name of the Wan Family could not even scare the Poison Spider.

Although they were strong, but, hundreds of people, how could they fight?

Wan ZiFeng was so frightened that he retreated, and Duke Wan also looked pale, he was actually speechless to the extreme.

What did this incident have to do with the Wan family? Just because Wan Zifeng insisted on getting involved in it, and now this was the result, what could be done?

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