Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1636

Chapter 1636

A dead silence fell over the scene.

After a long time, He Qianxue and the Crown Prince jumped up in excitement first.

“Lin Mo, that was awesome!”

“Well done!”

The two shouted excitedly, and even the poisonous spider was smiling.

Just now, when they saw that Lin Mo hadn’t moved, they thought that Lin Mo had given up?

Unexpectedly, the moment Lin Mo struck, it was such an effect.

In less than a few minutes, he had cured all the remaining patients, not leaving a single patient for Qian Yongan at all.

So, everything was within Lin Mo’s grasp!

The crowd around him was in an uproar, as they all looked at Lin Mo in shock, most of them with an expression of disbelief on their faces.

After all, this was too unexpected.

Ten patients, and, all of them were difficult and complicated cases.

You went up and cured them all in a few minutes’ time, how miraculous must this medical skill be?

“Surnamed Lin, I really can’t watch this anymore.”

“Even if you are bragging, you have to have a degree, right?”

“You’ve been on stage for less than a few minutes, throwing silver needles out like darts, and feeding them some medicine indiscriminately, and you’re saying you’ve cured them?”

“You really take us for fools, don’t you?”

An agent beside Yuan De said indignantly, and the others followed suit.

Lin Mo stood with his hands folded, “I said, if you don’t believe me, you can go and verify it yourselves.”

That agent waved his hand straight away, “I don’t need to f*cking verify!”

“I’m putting my words here today, if you cure them all, I’ll pull my head off and give you a ball!”

Lin Mo gave him a deep look, “Don’t say too much.”

“Although it’s useless for me to ask for your head, it wouldn’t be worthwhile to lose it for the sake of a moment of verbal pleasure!”

The agent spat outright, “What’s wrong with me saying my words so full?”

“You dare to brag like that, what do I dare not say?”

“I just don’t believe it, you can cure these people?”

“A few minutes, do you think you’re a god coming down to earth?”

The crowd around them roared with laughter, looking at Lin Mo with eyes full of mockery, and they were all equally unconvinced.

Just then, the Crown Prince suddenly walked over and kicked that agent in the chest.

Those agents burst into an uproar, and Yuan De immediately exclaimed, “Crown Prince, what do you mean by that?”

“We agreed to have a fair competition, are you planning to threaten people with force?”

“If you can’t afford to lose, then what’s the point of this competition?”

The crowd around them also got up in arms, and if it wasn’t for the poisonous spiders and the Prince’s notoriety, there would have been a fight.

The prince was furious and stepped on the agent’s chest, pointing at Yuan De and cursing, “f*ck you, who’s going to threaten people with force?”

“I beat this son of a b*tch because he deserves it!”

Yuan De sneered, “Just because he doesn’t believe in Lin Mo’s medical skills, so he deserves a beating?”

“Heh, Crown Prince, you are acting too domineeringly, aren’t you?”

Prince: “I’m overbearing, you ancestor!”

“You guys didn’t believe it before either, did I say anything?”

“But the problem is, now that Lin Mo has already healed those people, he doesn’t bother to verify it, but just pushes and chatters here, what does that mean?”

“f*ck you, if you verify it and prove that Lin Mo didn’t cure those people, then we’ll be convinced that we lost and have nothing to say!”

“Now you don’t verify it and you’re still rambling on and on, do you think I’ll beat you up?”

With a few words, Yuan De was directly rendered speechless.

He looked at the agent helplessly, just now, he did say that he didn’t need to verify, this is not asking for trouble!

Qian Yong’an on the stage said in a deep voice, “Prince, since you have insisted repeatedly, let’s verify it!”

“This time, I’ll let you lose in a convincing manner!”

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