Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1643

Chapter 1643

Among these people, a few of them were from the Wan family’s side.

One of them was full of frustration and waved his hand helplessly, “Second Master, these people, they’re really cured!”

Wan Zifeng directly froze, and then broke into a curse, “Bullsh*t!”

“How is this possible?”

“That Lin doesn’t even come from a medical school, he’s just a son-in-law who eats soft rice, how could he have cured all these patients?”

“I don’t believe it!”

“I don’t accept this result!”

On the stage, Qian Yong’an was frozen.

What was this?

Before he could retort, Wan Zifeng had already spoken first?

The prince was furious and shot up, “Who are you, who are you to not accept?”

“You were the ones who said it was a fair competition just now, and your Wan family also put out someone to be the judge.”

“Now that the result is out, you say you don’t accept it?”

“D*mn it, people from the Wan family, are they that unreasonable?”

All the people around were also in an uproar, this matter, now that the dust had settled, Wan Zifeng still didn’t accept it, this was really unjustifiable.

The Duke of Wan was also anxious and said in a low voice, “Second Uncle, there are so many people here, what are you going to do?”

“This matter, if it gets too big, our Wan family’s face will be lost, others will only say that our Wan family can’t afford to lose!”

Wan Zifeng was furious, “Shut up!”

“I just won’t accept this!”

“This is not logical, why should I accept it?”

“Surnamed Lin, let me ask you, you haven’t even learnt the art of medicine, what makes you so capable of healing so many people?”

“And, still, using that method, throwing silver needles out casually and curing people, do you really take us for fools?”

“It’s obvious that you arranged everything beforehand, cured these people in advance, and then acted here, trying to raise your own price!”

“Do you really think that everyone is stupid and can be fooled by you?”

“I tell you, you can fool others, but not me, Wan Zifeng!”

The crowd at the scene looked at each other with stunned faces, could it really be that Lin Mo had bought these people off beforehand?

Lin Mo’s expression was calm: “Wan Zifeng, what you said is all your own guesses!”

“You said that I have never studied medicine, hehe, this matter, in itself, is nonsense.”

“It’s true that I didn’t go to a medical cla*s school, but how do you know if I’ve learned the art of medicine in private?”

“Does it mean that you are a roundworm in my stomach?”

The crowd burst out in laughter.

The prince immediately said, “Well said!”

“Humph, Wan Zifeng, you have the ability to produce facts to prove that Lin Mo has really faked!”

“If you can’t produce factual evidence, you are slandering!”

“Even if you are a member of the Wan family, you can’t slander others at will, can you?”

Wan Zifeng’s face swelled red, yet he couldn’t answer a single word.

Just then, Qian Yong’an suddenly spoke up, “Who said there was no evidence?”

Everyone turned their heads to look at him, and Wan Zifeng immediately looked at Qian Yong’an excitedly, “Doctor Qian, you have proof?”

The prince, on the other hand, bristled, “Surnamed Qian, you’re still not dead yet?”

“Fine, show us the evidence and let’s take a look!”

Qian Yong’an’s expression was indifferent as he walked directly in front of Lin Mo and said in a deep voice, “Surnamed Lin, I expected from the start that you would definitely make a move on this competition.”

“But I never dreamed that your power would be so great that even the patients selected by our Wanchun Hall could be bribed by you!”

“It seems that I have really underestimated you!”

“However, even if your power is as great as it is, in the end, man’s plan is not as good as heaven’s plan.”

“You probably didn’t expect that I had also left a little trap for you inside this competition, right?”

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