Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1660

Chapter 1660

Huo Hua shook his head, “To you, Compa*s Zun is not dangerous.”

“What’s dangerous is, Zhang Jiuduan’s sister, Zhang Xiaohua!”

The prince jumped up sharply, “What?”

“That female devil is here too?”

Fire Hua nodded and said in a deep voice, “This time when Zhang Jiu Duan came, his target, was not you at all, he came to meet me from the beginning to the end!”

“However, he has brought his sister Zhang Xiaohua with him.”

“It’s that Shuzhong Bamboo Leaf Green, a woman who is several times more ruthless than my sister!”

“Obviously, he gave the matter of intercepting and killing the divine Doctor to his sister.”

Lin Mo’s brows furrowed, the Sea City Poison Spider was already poisonous enough. Was there anyone else in this world who could be more ruthless than her?

“This Bamboo Leaf Green, is she very strong?”

Lin Mo asked.

Fire Hua nodded, “Extremely strong.”

“She is the personal disciple of the Hundred Victory Blade King, Zhang Bailing.”

“Learned the art for five years and killed all of her master brothers.”

“Learned the art for seven years and killed Zhang Bailing’s three senior brothers.”

“Nine years into her art, she killed Zhang Bailing’s only senior brother.”

“She had let it be known that she would kill Zhang Bailing within ten years to make her brother the new King of Shu Zhong!”

Lin Mo froze, what kind of person is this? To deceive her master and destroy her ancestor, and still dare to let out such wild words?

Looking at the crown prince next to him, he looked pale but didn’t say anything. It looked like he knew about these things too!

Lin Mo couldn’t help but wonder, “He killed all of Zhang Bailing’s lands, and killed three of his senior brothers and one senior brother, and he still wants to kill Zhang Bailing, won’t Zhang Bailing punish her?”

Huo Hua shook his head, “Not only did Zhang Bailing not punish her, but he poured out all his mastery to teach her.”

“Zhang Bailing himself was a martial arts obsessive, having no family in his life, only drunk on martial arts.”

“To be able to teach a disciple who surpa*ses him is what makes him happiest.”

“So, even if Bamboo Leaf Green killed him, he would still die with a smile on his face!”

Lin Mo was speechless: “These two madmen have met together!”

Huo Hua shrugged, “The strange people in this world always have some special personalities.”

“An ordinary person with too many seven emotions and six desires will have his success affected.”

“Only those with less seven pa*sions and desires are more likely to achieve greater success, in certain areas!”

Lin Mo savoured these words carefully, and his heart was filled with emotion.

In this world, weren’t most people like this?

Just like students in school, but those who fall in love early will basically waste their studies.

Only those who have no distractions can achieve greater success in their studies!

The same goes for martial arts training!

If you have too many worries in your heart, you will mess up your mind.

“Uncle, what should Lin Mo do now?”

The prince said urgently.

Fire Hua said in a deep voice, “The best thing to do is to announce to the public that you won’t be saving Old Master Wan.”

“They just don’t want Old Master Wan to live, as long as you don’t go to save him, they may not necessarily want to make things difficult for you!”

The prince breathed a sigh of relief and waved his hand, “That’s easy.”

“We are not trying to save Master Wan at all.”

“You’ve seen what happened tonight, the Wan family’s people, they’ve been targeting Lin Mo.”

“In a situation like this, the Wan family still wants to come for medical help? Heh, they’re dreaming!”

Fire Hua nodded, “That’s for the best.”

“However, Lin Mo, you still have to be wary of Bamboo Leaf Green.”

“This woman, she is temperamental, and when it comes to anything that is difficult to decide, she tends to use killing to solve it.”

“Even if you do announce to the public that you won’t save Master Wan.”

“However, if you do meet up with her, there is still a high chance that she will kill you!”

Lin Mo frowned, what kind of person was this? He was simply a madman!

However, when he met something like this, he could only admit his own bad luck.

“Senior Fire Hua, thanks for the reminder!”

Lin Mo arched his hand in thanks.

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