Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3951

Early morning.

Thick dark clouds cover the sky.

There was not a single breeze on the front today and the air seemed extraordinarily dreary.

Lin Mo, accompanied by Wang Changxing, brought his disciple Lin Wu Hate along to the top of the mountain.

“It’s going to rain!”

Lin Mo said inexplicably as he looked far into the sky.

At this moment, they could already clearly see that the enemy’s camp was shifting.

Anyone who was a human being knew that war was coming.

“Mr. Lin, do you have any instructions?” Wang Changxing asked.

A great war was about to start!

He hadn’t commanded a battle for over ten years.

Right now, he was facing a million-dollar super war.

Wang Changxing could not help but show some timidity.

Lin Mo also saw what was on his mind and reached out to pat him on the shoulder.

“War is like practicing martial arts, as long as you take this path there is no possibility of retreating.”

“Right now the command has been handed over to you in full.”

“Behind you in the three districts, millions of martial artists are backing you up, so go ahead and do it with confidence and boldness!”

With Ji Dutuo and his party watching from the side.

Lin Mo still could not interfere in this battle.

Everything could only be left to Wang Changxing, the former marshal of the country, to make the arrangements.

The words fell to the ground for a long time.

Wang Changxing saw at the foot of the mountain, the wailing Ma Bangde, and the valiant Black Rose, as well as the mature and stable Director Qiu, and so on.

All the major power lords were already geared up and ready to go.

The members at the bottom were all full of battle spirit too.

Everyone seemed to be impatient to prepare for this great battle.

Morale is at its peak and the army is ready!

All that is missing now is an order.

What else was there to worry about!

Wang Changxing took a deep breath, and his body, which was still hunched, fiercely kept.

Serious wariness appeared at first.

“Mr. Lin, old Wang I will go first, wait for our good report!”

“Go on, I’ll wait for your good news!”

After Lin Mo finished speaking, Wang Changxing ran towards the foot of the mountain in one long stride.

In the same place, Lin Wu Hate looked at the departing back, his emotions suddenly rippled.

At that very moment, a large hand suddenly landed on top of his head.

“Look and learn first.”

Lin Mo pointed to the dense formations on both sides and patiently taught.

“Wars of this scale are rarely seen, so you should first learn how Wang Changxing commands.”

“The war won’t stop for a while, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make your move if you want to.”

He knew that Lin Wu Huan still had a great revenge to avenge.

But right now, with such a good opportunity to learn, he did not want Lin Wu Huan to miss it.

After a moment of silence.

Lin Wu Hate loosened his tightly clenched fist and nodded his head in a good manner.

Lin Mo smiled gratefully.

Not being overwhelmed by hatred, he was a malleable talent.

“The Lawrence Family has 200,000 more people in plain sight than us.”

“There are also a dozen more Half-step Patriarchs than us.”

“That’s their advantage!”

“And our per capita combat power in the three districts is much stronger than theirs, that’s our advantage ……”


Just as Lin Mo was explaining the situation on both sides to his disciple Lin Wu Hate.

Wang Changxing had already arrived at the front of his side’s lineup.

With his arrival, the major power lords waved their big hands.

The originally noisy scene was instantly quiet.

Wang Changxing scanned the entire field, and everywhere he looked, there was a strong battle spirit.


“The doggone Lawrence has been oppressing our three districts for so long.”

“And now they even want to annex us.”

“What do you guys think, what should we do?”

At these words, Ma Bonder was the first to correspond.

“Slaughter these motherf*ckers!”

A loud and stout voice floated around.

With him leading the way, the members of the forces, one after another, shouted.

“Kill them!”

“Kill them!”

“Slaughter them!”

The unison shout of a million people shook the air with ripples.

The valley behind them echoed in a burst of sound.

“Good!” Wang Changxing bellowed.

“Who dares to be the vanguard in this battle?”

At these words, the major power lords, their expressions shook and their eyes flamed.

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