Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3963

Death Island.

The two rarest kinds of people.

One is the boat runner.

There are numerous reefs around the island and it is extremely easy to run aground.

The other type is the doctor.

On a remote island like this, no doctor would want to come to this remote island, as long as he or she did not want to.

No doctor would want to come here.

And this profession is indispensable.

Therefore, doctors on the island have a very high status.

Although they are not as powerful as the ten major powers in the three districts.

But they are not the kind of people that ordinary islanders can offend.

At the moment, Conard could not have imagined that the other party would dare to slap him.

A strong sense of humiliation arose.

“You …… you’re dead!”

“Kid, you wait for me, our hospital is owned by several power lords.”

“Beat me, and you won’t walk out of District 3 alive.”

As he spoke, he suddenly felt a piercing chill.

It was as if a fierce beast was staring at him.

With this inexplicable feeling of fear, Conard did not linger any longer and fled the place straight away.

“You shouldn’t have scared him.”

Lin Mo rubbed the top of Hate Free’s head, and there seemed to be some grumbling in his tone.

“I haven’t even finished asking my words!”

Lin Wu Hate stared at the direction Conard had left with a fierce glint in his eyes and spat out words slowly.

“He disrespected Master, D*mn him!”

Lin Mo was speechless.

Such a dutiful disciple, what could he say!

“Alright, you can rest on the couch now for a while!”

“I’ll continue treating this sister.”

Lin Mo said before coming to Black Rose’s body.

On the sofa, Lin Wu Hate sat docilely and quietly.

With big curious eyes, she quietly watched Lin Mo’s subtle techniques.

By the time Lin Mo withdrew his hand, Black Rose’s forehead was already filled with silver needles.


Director Qiu, leading Ma Bangde and several other power lords, also arrived here in a frenzy.

“What’s going on?”

When they received the news from Conard’s summons, they rushed over at the first opportunity.

“Lord Director, Sect Master Ma!”

Conard greeted, and then spoke with righteous indignation.

“A charlatan slipped in at some point in the healing room on the top floor.”

“Not only did this man treat Lady Black Rose indiscriminately.”

“I went up to dissuade him and he even slapped me.”

With that, he lifted his palm and displayed the puffy slap mark on his face in front of the duo.

Director Qiu’s face sank.

“Didn’t you inform security?”

Conard shook his head, “In the rush of my heart just now, I forgot!”

He was not stupid.

Notifying the security guards would, at most, drive that boy out of the hospital.

But if he informed the power lords, the kid would definitely die.

Director Qiu pondered for a few seconds and then did not dwell on the matter.

Instead, Ma Bangde, who was on the side, spoke angrily.

“Let’s go up together and take a look!”

“I’d like to see what kind of person is impatient to live and dares to provoke us like that!”

With that he took the lead and rushed straight into the lift.

Several people followed behind him.

The top floor.

After Lin Mo had finished treating Black Rose, he had just withdrawn all the silver needles.

Outside the room, there was the sound of intensive footsteps.

And it was accompanied by a familiar loud voice.

“This is the place, isn’t it!”

“He’s here to cause trouble, D*mn it, let’s see if I can get rid of him.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the door to the room was kicked open with a heavy kick.

‘”Which one of you unafraid beavers dares ……”

Ma Bangde cursed as he kicked open the door before barging straight in.

However just as he looked inside the room, he instantly froze in his tracks.

Cold sweat was pouring down his back.

This was going to be the end!

And behind him, Conard recapped this Lin Mo’s atrocity over and over again as he introduced a group of power lords into the room.

“Lord Director, it’s this D*mned b*****d ……”

As soon as he entered the door, he raised his hand and pointed at Lin Mo.

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