Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3965

After Conard had been dealt with.

Lin Mo swept a glance at the crowd.

“Are you guys quite free?”

Nowadays, the frontline was still in a tense moment of confronting each other.

This group of people had unexpectedly all run out in one go.

At these words, the bodies of several power lords trembled slightly.

Their hearts were filled with regret.

If they had known that the person inside the hospital was Lin Mo, they wouldn’t have come over to their deaths.

“Mr. Lin, we also heard that someone was trying to misbehave with Black Rose.”

Director Qiu explained desperately.

“A few of us rushed over in a rush in our hearts.”

Ma Bangde also followed this explanation closely.

“Yes, Mr. Lin, Black Rose is also a credit to this battle, and we were too worried, so we rushed over together.”

It was only at this point that Lin Mo’s face looked slightly better.

It was understandable to be able to care for one another’s companions.

“The front line is tight, so you all hurry back, I’ll be fine on the Black Rose side.”

Of all of them, he was the most free.

There was no way he would step in until the war was the last resort.

When the few power lords heard this, they relaxed considerably.

“Mr. Lin, then we will go back first.”

At this moment, all the people wanted to do was to hurry up and get out of here.

“Well, go more! Old Ma, you keep an eye on it.”


Ma Bangde felt a great sense of discomfort in his heart.

Apparently the scolding and cursing quality speech he had just made had been taken into account by Lin Mo.

Thinking of this, Ma Bangde immediately revealed a naive smile.


“Mr. Lin, I still have to teach those untalented brats over at the Blade Sect to cultivate the Returning Sea One Blade.”

“If there’s no pressing matters, why don’t we talk about it another time.”

Right now, he only thought that he could escape from here as quickly as possible.

It was a pity that Lin Mo saw through this b*****d’s small mind at a glance.

“It doesn’t matter, the matter of cultivation, we are not short of such a moment.”

“Let’s just talk about what you said just now about wanting to get me killed.”

Ma Bangde looked at the unsuspecting smile at the corner of Lin Mo’s mouth and felt a great sense of dismay in his heart.

It was going to be bad!

Without the slightest hesitation, he immediately turned around.

Just as he was about to step out of the gate and successfully escape.

A huge suction force suddenly came from behind him.

Even though he had already exerted all his strength, his body continued to move backwards and forwards.

Within a moment, a large hand locked onto his rear end.

“What, old horse, are they all so high and mighty now?”

“Not even bothering to talk to me anymore?”

The calmer Lin Mo was at the moment when he finished, the creepier Ma Bangde became.

“Hey, hey, Mr. Lin how could that be, I’m not in the middle of something, right?”

“By the way, what was this martial art you used just now that could be so amazing.”

The terrifying suction force was not even the slightest bit resistive even for him who was a half-step sect master.

“One of the seventy-twenty masterpieces of the Southern Cloud Temple, the Dragon Capturing Crane Hand, do you want to learn it?”

Lin Mo returned with a smile.

How could Ma Bangde refuse, that head nodded as if a chicken pecked rice.

At the same time, he was smug in his heart.

He had successfully dodged a bullet by changing the topic in just a few words.

I’m such a clever little man.

Just as he was complimenting himself.

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his eye.

“You’re thinking good thoughts!”

As soon as these words came out, fists like rain rained down straight towards Ma Bangde’s cheek.

“Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin, say something properly!”

Ma Bangde screamed in agony, thinking of his previous “pig-headed” experience, he hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Mr. Lin, I’m wrong, don’t hit my face, don’t hit my face.”

However, the louder he begged for forgiveness, the harder Lin Mo’s fist came down.

Lin Wuheng, who was at the side, saw her master hitting with such vigour.

She also jumped down from the sofa.

After getting close, she kicked Ma Bangde hard twice on his body.

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