Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3972

Lin Mo did not expect that a simple test would have such a big windfall.

The original worry about Ji Duto and the others could now be relaxed quite a bit.

“Things are becoming more and more interesting?”

Lin Mo murmured to himself as he looked away from the huge combat troops.

In his heart, he still began to reorganise his layout and calculations.

It was night.

The border of District Two.

Patrolling guards intertwined back and forth, holding cold weapons and staring warily at the surroundings.

More than 100,000 men built a patrol line that stretched for dozens of kilometres.

In the distance, behind cover, snipers with excellent marksmanship lurk.

If there is even a hint of movement, they can kill the offenders in an instant.

At the same time, they can also transmit the news to the rear of the army.

With such tight protection, a night attack would not have been possible.

However, there was someone who wanted to do the opposite.

Under the cover of the night, Wei led a dozen of his men and quietly felt his way to the vicinity of Lawrence’s camp.

“This n*gga is crowded!”

Looking at the dense patrols of people in front of him.

Wei Wine couldn’t help but burst out foul.

Only, even so he didn’t choose to retreat.

Instead, he hooked a finger towards his back.

When his men saw this, they immediately handed up a lance.

“Give it to Laozi Zhong!”

With a low shout, the ten-meter long steel spear whistled out.


The tremendous force directly penetrated the three guards, spilling hot blood all over the ground.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack!”

The other companions saw this and immediately shouted.

The moment the movement was made.

All the patrol guard groups immediately shifted their shaping.

In groups of ten, they formed defensive formations back to back.

At the same time, the snipers in the rear also reacted immediately.

But when they looked around through their high-powered lenses, they could not see any figures at all.

The time pa*sed slowly under intense surveillance.

Half an hour later.

A part of the patrol started to feel its way forward to check the surroundings.

But the result was an empty hand.

Only a few bent gra*s areas were found.

“Report General Maes, the enemy has fled far away.”

The situation was unclear, and Lawrence Ma*sie did not dare to act rashly, but could only command his men to continue patrolling.

After an hour, however.

Several lances appeared in the darkness of the night and descended from the sky.

They took the lives of a dozen patrolmen and disappeared again.

In this way, the entire patrol became highly tense again.

As a result, after waiting for more than an hour, the result was still the same.

The incoming attackers simply sneaked in a wave, then turned around and ran away.

By the time the third lance attack came.

Max finally sat up.

A large force of 50,000 men dropped in directly from the rear.

It would then be broken down into fifty squads of a thousand men and ambushed at the front.

As long as the incoming criminals dared to show their heads, they would be directly exterminated.

However, when he had arranged the course of action for the ambush, the group of incomers who had sneaked in with their lances also disappeared.

By early morning, at dawn.

The troops from the ambush were also marched back.

When the number of men was checked, Maes was straight away dumbfounded.

A large force of 50,000 men was directly short by over a thousand.

“I dry ritual food!”

Originally, he thought that the incoming attackers were scared and didn’t dare to strike again.

It turned out that people had gone straight to sneak attack and their own ambushed troops went.

This kind of tactic was just a small fight for the overall three million super legions.

But it couldn’t stand to be disgusting.

“Pa*s down the order to expand the patrol area.”

“Also put the dark guards down!”

Max gave the order with a face full of anger.

On the other side.

Wei Wine, who had returned, was currently eating breakfast with his men with smiles on his face.

“Boss, let’s continue this evening!”

“That’s a must, let the brothers sleep well during the day, and we’ll go jerk them around again at night.”

Wei Wine commanded with bravado.

“Also, send someone to feel out the location first.”

“Don’t get dumpled when the time comes.”


After the deputy answered, he ran off to set up the task.

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