Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 3974

In Wei Wine’s anticipation, Lin Mo should rise up into the sky shortly afterwards.

Once the eye of heaven was opened, the enemy’s group of minions had nothing to hide.

It was as if a celestial being had descended to earth.

Unfortunately, after waiting for a long time, he was finally disappointed.

Lin Mo had actually walked just like that, step by step, without a ripple, to the enemy’s camp.


Lawrence’s camp, the dark sentries at the front line were also dumbfounded.

For the first time in all their lives, they had seen someone in such a hurry to cast off.

As they watched a young figure approaching, one of the sentries lifted the sniper rifle in his hand.

“Captain, why don’t I just pop him with one shot and send him on his way!”

“Wait!” The leader, Myron, stopped him.

“Take him alive, and by the way, let’s ask them what the hell District 3 is up to again!”

With a colour from him, two men beside him, wiped forward left and right with their guns.

By now Lin Mo had already arrived at the lurking range of the local concealed stakes.

“Stand still, boy!”

“Kneel down immediately and put your hands on your head, or we’ll shoot.”

The safety was on.

The two very eerie gun muzzles aimed straight at Lin Mo.

Lin Mo froze and slowly raised his hands to clasp the back of his head.

But he didn’t fall to his knees.

The two concealed sentries on the other side saw this and did not have a frown on their faces.

Only when the captain gave the order, the two restrained the impulse to pull the trigger and asked coldly.

“Kid, what is your identity?”

At this moment, Lin Mo suddenly grinned and raised his hand to point at himself.

“Sons, I’m your father, hurry up and come out and be filial to your own father!”

“Gah gah gah!”

The two secret sentries froze, surprisingly not reacting for a moment.

It was behind them that Myron was by now full of rage.

“Idiot, what are you still standing there for, they’ve already run away.”

He said he directly picked up his rifle, and without saying a word, he directly pulled the trigger.

At this moment, a group of other secret sentries also returned to their senses.

D*mn it, this kid dared to take advantage of himself.

“Get him!”


Countless tongues of fire poured bullets wildly towards the fleeing back.

Not far away, Lin Mo laughed loudly as he ran away.


“You guys can’t even do this shooting skill, you learned it from your master’s mother!”

“Do you want me to teach you guys by hand, your father!”

After a round of taunts, the group of secret sentries were already furious and jumping to their feet.

What was even more annoying was that no matter how much they aimed, the bullets seemed to have gone evil.

It was as if the bullets were possessed, they just couldn’t hit.

However, Lin Mo’s taunts didn’t stop there, and he didn’t have to run out of a few sections.

He actually stopped in his tracks directly under the rain of bullets.

“Keep going, if you don’t hit, I’m going to run out of your range!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, a large calibre bullet came straight at him.

It was a heavy sniper rifle!

As he watched the roaring bullet about to penetrate the skull.

Lin Mo suddenly a test.

“Pity, it’s just two inches short!”

“With that kind of marksmanship, you’d better go into the factory and screw it up!”

“What a disgrace to snipers!”

And with that he raised his arm and gestured a two inch distance.

“D*mn, I’m P*ssed off!”

Between the layers of forest, Myron dropped the heavy sniper in his hand as soon as he got up and pulled out his dagger straight away.

“I’ll go sac him to death!”

After saying that, he took a big step and rushed in Lin Mo’s direction with red eyes.

Fortunately, his men reacted in time.

With one healthy step, they stopped him.

“Captain, not so much, not so much!”

“That kid, it was on purpose, you mustn’t fall for it!”

A crowd of men howled.

It was only after a long time that Myron calmed down his anger.

His eyes were full of killing intent as he stared deadly at the b*tchy figure in the distance.

At this moment.

Lin Mo was also very unhappy and turned his head to shout.

“You guys are f*cking watching the show ……”

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