Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4000

Lin Mo’s purpose on Death Island was actually quite simple.

Originally, he only wanted to unify the third district, his development base, and unify Death Island.

By the way, he wanted to preserve Lan Dieyi, or rather report the Crystal Skull.

It was just that things did not go as planned, and it was the Crystal Skull that was the reason.

Not only did the Seven Deadly Sins find their way to the door and make trouble out of it.

The Seven Deadly Sins came to their doorstep, and then they found out that there were a large number of master masters lurking on Death Island.

And now Lawrence had a blood feud with the three districts or Lin Mo.

With Ji Dutuo’s backing, the Lawrence family would never give up until they took over the three districts.

Even if Lin Mo is reluctant, this bloodbath between the three districts and the Lawrence family is essential.

Compared to the Lawrence side.

The biggest advantage of District Three was its greater per capita combat power.

Cold weapons were no match for them.

The disadvantage is equally obvious.

That is the high end of the battlefield.

Excluding Lin Mo.

There were only two half-step masters, while the Lawrence side had more than ten.

In addition, the Lawrence family’s advocate, Clegg, was also a top Half-step Grandmaster himself.

The difference in high-end combat power was not just a matter of stars and a half.

It was for this reason that Lin Mo had thought a long time ago to properly instruct this group of power lords.

The healing room.

Lin Mo’s discussion with Director Qiu was also coming to an end at this moment.

At this very moment, Black Rose, alone, rushed over.

Seeing the room in a cluttered and untidy state.

She visibly froze for a moment.

“I just had a breakthrough in my cultivation and couldn’t control it for a while.”

Seeing this, Director Qiu immediately found an excuse to put off the matter of Lin Mo’s power transmission.

Black Rose also did not insist on this point, after slightly nodding her head.

“Director congratulations!”

As he spoke, he secretly sneaked a glance at Lin Mo.

Immediately afterwards, his small face flushed again and he nervously withdrew his gaze.

He didn’t even have the time to say hello.

Director Qiu, as a person who had come over, how could he not see the ambiguity in it.

“You’re welcome!”

“Miss Black Rose, next time you come to see me, there’s no need to be in such a hurry.”

“Look at how tired you are, your face but all engorged with blood.”

Being teased by him so much.

Black Rose also heard the meaning of the words and her face instantly became more flushed.


Responding in a panic, she hurriedly buried her head and face into her chest.

A proper posture of a little woman.

Director Qiu harrumphed, his mind instantly coming alive.

Ever since he had met Lin Mo, he had noticed that he had been alone.

A young man was at the height of his physical strength.

It was not good to be single for a long time.

And this Black Rose was of a similar age to Lin Mo.

Thinking about this.

Qiu Si Zhang raised his eyebrows at once.

“Mr. Lin ……”

However, before he could open his mouth, Lin Mo directly interrupted him.

He took one look at Director Qiu and knew that this fellow didn’t don’t have any good farts.

“Old Qiu, I see that you’ve almost recovered.”

“Now that the realm has improved considerably again, don’t release us to practise.”

“By the way, I’ll help you consolidate your realm.”

The word consolidate was deliberately accented by him.

Director Qiu noticed the smile with deep meaning at the corner of Lin Mo’s mouth.

Immediately, he a*sociated it with a certain power lord who had been beaten into a pig’s head.

At the thought of being beaten up like that himself.

Director Qiu withdrew his thoughts.

“Hey, Mr. Lin you still have so many things to take care of, it’s better not to delay you.”

Lin Mo raised an eyebrow, “Really no need?”

“No, no, no, no need!”

Director Qiu shook his head repeatedly.

“I’ll be fine when I get there, just practice with Old Ma.”

“Mr. Lin, you’d better deal with precisely what’s important.”

However what was said came to pa*s.

Director Qiu had only just finished speaking on his side.

A bellowing laugh came from outside the door.

“Hahahaha, Old Qiu, do you have clairvoyant eyes? How come you knew I was coming!”

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