Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4002

From the first meeting, until now.

Ma Bangde was basically aware of Lin Mo’s character as well.

Lin Mo would be out of his league a lot of the time in life.

Even though the two sides are subordinates, they can fight constantly.

But when it comes to business, Lin Mo is never ambiguous.

It can even be said that in some matters, Lin Mo’s eyes cannot rub a grain of sand.

Ma Bangde saw Lin Mo’s expression right now.

Together with that full name call, he suddenly realised.

This time, Lin Mo was really angry.

Thinking of this, Ma Bangde shrank his neck in awe.

“Mr. Lin ……”

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Lin Mo coldly asked

“Do you think that I am running District 3 too smoothly?”

Ma Bangde smiled and hurriedly shook his head.

“Then do you think that I value you and you feel that you are superior and can act with impunity?”

The tone of his voice became heavier and heavier.

Ma Bangde did not dare to speak either, and could only shake his head one after another.

Lin Mo’s face was cold as he continued to speak.

“The usual petty fights, that’s your freedom, I could care less.”

“But who gave you the courage to wantonly step on other people’s feelings? To humiliate your own people in such a way?”

Black Rose, who was also the main force of the three districts.

Although they were considerably weaker than the others in terms of cultivation.

However, their Black Garden’s niche was firearms combat, and had always performed quite well in the several combat operations.

Although Lin Mo had always avoided her feelings, he also intended to cultivate her.

However, this b*****d Ma Bangde was so tongue-tied and humiliated his own people constantly.

This was what Lin Mo could not stand the most.

No matter how much he valued himself.

It would never be condoned!

“In my team, it doesn’t matter if they are subordinates or close friends, regardless of their relationship.”

“Unity is my bottom line!”

“In this matter, you hope you can give a reasonable explanation!”

Director Qiu heard Lin Mo say these words.

There was a sudden flinch in his heart.

The meaning of this statement was already very clear.

If Ma Bangde could not give a reasonable explanation.

This was the end of the relationship between the two sides.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the room was already cold to the core.

Ma Bangde still kept his head down and did not make any response.

For a long time.

Director Qiu suddenly let out a long sigh.

“Old Ma, some things are in the past, so let go of what should be put down!”

“Mr. Lin, there are some things Old Ma can’t say, it’s better for me to explain them for him!”

“Hm!” Lin Mo said without turning his eyes away.

Director Qiu first glanced at Ma Bangde and saw that he did not have any reaction, before he narrated.

“Everything is still waiting until a few years ago to say ……”

At that time, the three regions were still out in the era of group attacks.

There were countless forces, large and small, in a four-way pattern.

Ma Bangde had only just set up his own force which is now the Knife Cult.

But unlike now, twenty years ago, there were less than five hundred members in the Knife Sect.

And its strength was uneven.

Compared to other forces, it was just a small, insignificant gang.

It was during that time that Ma Bangde met the love of his life, Peiran.

It was love at first sight, and they soon fell in love and were engaged for life.

Pui Yin was the eldest daughter of the Lord of the Black Garden.

She was the daughter of the Lord of the Black Garden, a powerful force with tens of thousands of disciples.

The daughter of a great power could not marry a yakuza like Ma Bangde.

So the two were soon torn apart.

Ma Bangde was quite competitive, and under his efforts, the Knife Sect grew bigger and bigger.

Only by the time he had the strength to take on the Black Garden.

His wife, Peiran, was depressed for a long time because she had been imprisoned in the Black Garden for many years.

After giving birth to a son, she chose to hang herself.

“Old Ma always believed that the Black Garden had driven his wife to her death.”

“So the two sides, on both sides, have always had a very bad relationship.”

“And this Black Rose is the daughter of the second Miss Black Garden back then.”

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