Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4015

By the time Mabond reappeared in full view of the crowd.

In his hands was a casket and a plaque.

Beneath the casket were several neatly folded pieces of clothing.

It was easy to see by the old look that these were Peyron’s clothes.

Seeing this, the deputy immediately rushed over and opened the oil paper umbrella in his hand to hold it over Ma Bangde’s head.

“Brother, sister-in-law can’t stand the sun.”

At this moment the shadow of the paper umbrella wrapped the casket right in the middle.

Ma Bangde did not reply, but nodded wordlessly with reddened eyes.

The look of gloom was written all over his face.

His eyes also looked a little dull.

Lin Mo understood that this was a sign of excessive sadness.

He walked forward, lit three long incense sticks and stuck them behind the door of the attic.

Only then did he turn to Ma Bangde and say.

“Today is your and your sister-in-law’s big wedding day.”

“What kind of groom is so sad on his new wedding, be happy.”

Although it was a joking remark, it was the best means of comfort Lin Mo could come up with.

Ma Bangde gave a soft muffled sound at his words.

A smile was then forced onto his face.

“Come on, Peiran, your man is going home now!”

With that, he walked towards the outside of the courtyard, accompanied by his deputy.

Behind him, Lin Mo once again cleared his throat and shouted.

“Welcome the bride back to her husband’s home!”

The voice was still loud and clear and reached the ears of those present.

The pa*sers-by who had gathered around were also instantly dumbfounded at this point.

Originally they were expecting to catch a glimpse of the bride, but to their surprise, what walked out was an old casket.

The lively scene was also instantly dumbfounded.

Everyone watched in silence as Ma Bond, with tears on his face, gently lowered the casket into the big palanquin.

At that moment the sound of firecrackers rose again and shot up to the sky.

The scene became noisy once again.

But this bustle was mixed with a faint sadness.

“Lift the palanquin!”

The bridal party set off again.

Lin Mo, who had lagged behind at the end, turned his head and looked back at the black garden.

At this moment, Black Rose, who had not shown herself, was standing on top of a high building, quietly watching the situation.

When Lin Mo turned back, he met her eyes.

Black Rose’s face flushed red and she did not dare to meet Lin Mo’s eyes at all.

With a panicked look, she hurriedly fled from the window.

Lin Mo smiled faintly in exchange for the maid at the side.

“Pa*s on a message to Miss Rose for me later.”

“Come and meet me at the Martial Division tomorrow.”

After saying his direct call, he tumbled over the hill onto his horse and headed towards the main group in pursuit.

After picking up Peiran.

He took his wife’s coffin and went straight to the cemetery.

This was also the place where he had buried his only son.

“Peiran, we’re all together now!”

After dealing with his wife’s funeral.

The time had come to evening.

In front of the grave.

Ma Bangde was half-kneeling on the ground, looking gloomy as he kept adding yellow paper to the burning basin.

As for the rest of his men, he had already dispatched them.

It was getting late.

Lin Mo arrived at this place.

After patting Ma Bangde on the shoulder, he handed over the bottle of wine in his hand.

After accepting it, Ma Bangde took two big gulps.

Only then did he breathe heavily.

Looking at the newly erected tombstone in front of him, Ma Bond suddenly spoke up and said.

“She had a bad life!”

“So what if she’s a loser like me.”

“By the time I could clothe and feed her, she swam away.”

It seemed like he was trying to say it to Lin Mo, and it seemed like he was saying it again to his own ears.

Only when the words landed on his lips, he tilted his head and poured another large gulp down.

“Mr. Lin, do you think there is really a destiny in life?”

Lin Mo gave him a blank look.

“I’m just bringing you wine to quench your thirst.”

“I don’t have the heart to discuss this kind of life’s doctrine with you.”

Hearing Gao’s dislike so bluntly, Ma Bangde could only shake his head awkwardly.

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