Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4023

After the amputation was completed.

Lin Mo Lin Mo completely sealed the blood vessels in his leg.

He then asked Ma Bangde to apply the good trauma medicine, Yun Chuang Oin, on top of all of Qiao Mu’s wounds.

“Call it a day!”

“Didn’t you say there were still internal wounds?” Ma Bond asked curiously.

“What do you know about hammers, internal injuries that can be cured overnight, this needs to be slowly recuperated.”

Lin Mo replied in a serious manner.

The actual reason was simply because he was too lazy to bother.

It wasn’t like he was one of his own, so what was the point of wasting that time and that elixir.

Ma Bangde also seemed to have noticed this, and was about to ask a follow-up question, but was preempted by Lin Mo.

“Ask again and break all five of your limbs!”

Er ……

An outsider is just an outsider, there’s no need.

After half a second of agonizing, Ma Bangde immediately gave up on Qiao Mu.

Turning to ask.

“When is this one going to wake up?”

He was still planning to pry some information out of the man’s mouth.

“If you want him to wake up, it’s not that simple!”

Lin Mo finished speaking and directly snapped his fingers.

Several silver needles were in the air and directly pierced into Qiao Mu’s spine.

In the next second, one could only see the man spitting out a mouthful of blood violently and opening his eyes in a ghostly manner.

The face that was still pale was instantly rosy.

The entire person was gloriously flushed, as if he was struck with chicken blood.

“Crap, bully, Mr. Lin!”

This hand directly stunned Ma Bangde.

Lin Mo smiled faintly and waved his hand.

“Low profile, it’s just a basic operation, no need to be surprised!”

It was just a matter of letting this Qiao Mu overdraw his vital functions and forcing him to wake up.

There was indeed nothing to be surprised about.

As Lin Mo thought this, his mouth had already begun to urge.

“If you have anything to ask, just hurry up and ask it!”

After such an operation, Qiao Mu didn’t have many days left to live.

If he didn’t ask, there would be no chance!

Ma Bangde smiled and seemed to have realised that something was wrong.

It was just that he hadn’t expected this Qiao Mu to revive so quickly.

So much so that he didn’t have any time to prepare at all.

In his haste, he immediately instructed his men to call Wang Changxing over.

In a short while, Wang Changxing arrived at the news.

Behind him were several other power lords who were at the front line.

Once everyone had arrived, Ma Bangde did not hesitate and immediately began to come to ask about the formalities.

“Next, you answer whatever I ask.”

“Don’t give me a brush with tricks, we can let you live or we can let you die immediately.”


After seeing Joki nod with a frightened look on his face, Mabundle smiled in satisfaction.

“What’s your name?”

“Qiao Mu.”

“What status!”

“Gun Combat Unit, Commander-in-Chief!”


With one question and one answer, from identity to the layout of Lawrence’s army, and battle plans and so on.

More and more information of intelligence was presented in front of the crowd.

At this time, Wang Changxing’s face was also gradually showing excitement.

I didn’t expect that such a dying man would have such a high value of information.

What an unexpected pleasure!

After receiving this information, Wang Changxing called for his own scouts.

“Confirm these areas, go and return quickly!”

The place he sent was where one of Lawrence’s gun units was stationed.

It was a handy place to hold the main force, and it was extremely concealed.

It could be used to launch surprise attacks and to respond to the main force.

The only thing is that the position has already been exposed by this Joe Wood.

They could have quietly gone over and killed them all.

As for other information, Wang Changxing sent his spies to confirm it one by one.

After the interrogation was over.

Several people had just walked out of the hospital.

One of the swordsmen travelling with them coughed suddenly.

“I say, Ah Qiang, this body of yours is not working either!”

Ma Bangde joked.

“You can catch a cold in this weather.”

Ah Qiang laughed awkwardly and waved his hand as he held his reddened face.

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