Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4047

Ji Dutuo just skimmed the corpse on the ground.

There was no change in his expression.

How dare a mole call out to a fierce tiger!

Even if Lin Mo didn’t make a move, he, Ji Dutuo, would have done so.

After Lin Mo retrieved the silver needles, he looked at the little girls on his left and right.

“Didn’t you two say that you would protect me?”

“If I hadn’t fought back, I would have been injured just now.”

In the face of questioning, the two sisters only smiled cheekily, “Brother Idol, so strong, how could he possibly hurt you.”

With a few small talk.

The sky was also gradually flooded with white light.

Without lingering, under the leadership of Ji Dutuo, a group of five swept towards Lawrence’s camp.

It was only at this point that the group of firearms soldiers heaved a sigh of relief.

Many of them even went limp on the ground.

The oppressive feeling of the Grandmaster realm was simply too terrifying.

Even with tens of thousands of companions present, the fear in their hearts was still overwhelming.

Especially when they saw, with their own eyes, such powerful people fighting.

It made this group of people feel even more insignificant ……

During the journey, Lin Mo clearly heard the sound of bones breaking and the sound of chewing from behind him.

Although he did not turn around, the smell of blood came through the tip of his nose.

Lin Mo could already guess what the mob behind him was eating.

Thinking of this, his mind became even more gloomy.

These four Seven Deadly Sins were not a good thing.

The journey was without words.

They came to Lawrence’s camp.

The group went straight to the huge tent in the centre of the army.

When they entered, there was a stout figure sitting inside.

The aura around him was drawn out, and his power at the peak of the Half-step Patriarch was unquestionably on display.

Between his eyebrows, a faint hostile aura emanated.

Clearly not an easy person to deal with.

This man was none other than the man at the helm of the Lawrence family, Clegg.

This was also the first time Lin Mo had met precisely with him.

“Mr. Ji Dutuo, you didn’t inform me of your big visit earlier!”

“So that I could have my subordinates make some preparations.”

“Come, if you don’t mind, why don’t you have some breakfast together!”

As soon as they met, Clegg’s aura of superiority instantly disappeared without a trace.

Instead, he turned into a groveling, fawning face.

And this made Lin Mo give this man a high regard.

He was able to bend and stretch, just as soft as he could.

Such people were often lords.

If you think about it, how could a man who was in charge of the huge Lawrence family be a mediocre person?

And in the process of Clegg’s flattery.

Lin Mo then noticed that this person’s gaze patriarch intentionally or unintentionally skewed towards himself.

Although the other party’s was well hidden.

But Lin Mo still caught the murderous intent in the other party’s eyes.

After the two of them locked eyes.

Clegg nodded with a good-natured face, and the originally faint murderous intent instantly disappeared without a trace.

“Mr. Ji Dutuo, is this your new companion?”

“I wonder if I could have this honour to make friends?”

Ji Dutuo could not speak back.

The corner of Lin Mo’s mouth curled and he took the initiative to stand out.

“Lin Mo, the current leader of the united forces of the three districts!”

“Meanwhile, that brother and son of yours, both died by my hand.”

“Does Clan Chief Clegg still want to befriend one or two now?”

He didn’t even bother to play along with the other side, and directly ripped away that layer of hypocritical shame.

The hatred between the two sides was laid bare on the table.

The culprit of the current outbreak of contagious disease in the three districts was Clegg, who was in front of him.

Lin Mo naturally wouldn’t have any good looks for him.

If not for the presence of Ji Dutuo and others, this man would have been killed.

The words fell.

The atmosphere in the entire tent was obviously awkward.

Clegg’s brow was furrowed.

A flash of hostility pa*sed through his eyes.

But soon the meat on his face returned to normal, smiling.

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