Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 4051

“Brother Idol, we’ve come to help you heal.”

The sound arrived before the person arrived.

Without waiting for Lin Mo to reply, the door to the room was directly pushed open by the two sisters.

At this moment, Lin Mo on top of the sofa also slowly opened his eyes.

“Has the Second Sect Master’s injury been dealt with?”

“Uh-huh, it’s already been dealt with!”

Although the two sisters were extremely talented and had already broken through the sect master before they reached adulthood.

But after all, they were still children and had not been exposed to the outside world.

Lin Mo asked a question and got the news out of them.

More than half an hour had pa*sed since they were separated.

Apparently the injuries were not lightly ill!

Thinking of this, Lin Mo couldn’t help but relax a few points.

It seemed that Ji Duto was not an invincible existence.

The two sisters did not know that they had been trapped, instead they took out their lightning strike swords with gusto.

“Brother Idol, let’s hurry up and heal our wounds!”

“Sect Master Ji Duo has already said that after you recover from your injuries, let us send you back!”

Good guys!

There was no need for Lin Mo to even ask questions.

The two sisters gave a clean account of the bottom.

“Brother Idol, let’s heal quickly!”

The two sisters looked even more anxious than Lin Mo himself.

And after they finished speaking, the two directly handed the Lightning Strike Sword into Lin Mo’s hands.

Lin Mo looked at the two sisters and at the Western sword in his hand, and could not help but smile bitterly.

Were they not afraid that they would run away with such a divine weapon?

However, when he thought of the two sisters’ cultivation level, he dispelled this doubt.

When one possessed sufficient strength, one could indeed be reckless.

After retracting his distracting thoughts, Lin Mo immediately closed his cross-legged legs again and prepared to heal his injuries.

Only after he closed his eyes.

His heart and soul shook violently!

It felt as if there were two fierce beasts staring at him.

However, when he opened his eyes, there were only two sisters in front of him.

In front of him were only the two sisters looking at him with anticipation.

Their huge eyes shone brightly!

The look was very cute.

How could such a person not be a*sociated with fierceness.

Lin Mo also just dismissed it as his own illusion and continued to close his eyes.

And only once, he didn’t have that feeling he had before.

Peacefully, he used the Thunder Strike Sword to draw out the residual thunder power within his body.

What he did not know was that the two sisters in the room were currently staring at themselves with greedy faces and bloodshot eyes.

Crystals were even flowing from the corners of their mouths.

Seeing Yun reaching out to touch Lin Mo, his sister Xing instantly regained her wits.

A hand stopped her sister, then shook her head wordlessly and had pointed to Ji Duto’s put down.

After a while, Yun this only slowly calmed down.

After wiping away the saliva, after a vicious stare at Lin Mo.

The fierce face also returned to normal.

Waiting for Lin Mo to open his eyes again.

The thunder sword Qi raging within his body had already been absorbed cleanly by the Thunder Strike Sword.

The remaining internal injuries would be healed after just a few days of slow conditioning.

After saying a word of thanks, Lin Mo returned the Western Sword in his hand to the other party.

Since the other party had already asked for it, he could leave.

Lin Mo also did not want to stay any longer.

Only what he did not know was that the two sisters behind him were staring at his back with a deadly stare.

“Sister, I almost couldn’t help myself!”

“I just don’t know when Sect Leader Ji Dou will allow me to do it.”

“Such a good material, I can’t wait to include him in my collection.”

After saying that, five figures suddenly floated in within the room, standing quietly behind Yun.

Surprisingly, these five people were all at the realm of Zong Shi.

Only, a few of them had eyes that were godless and faces that were stiff.

Their grey skin was like tree bark, extremely dry and hard, and even cracked in a few places.

If one were to look closely, one could see that these people were not even alive.

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