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Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2341

The sunlight refracted in from outside, like a spotlight, sprinkling on Leng Qianxue, enveloping her whole person in complete light …… She walked against the light, like an angel descending from the sky! And in her hand was none other than Leng Di Feng, dressed in white!!! Leng Di Feng was late, but he had … Read more

Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2340

The following day, the wedding …… Everyone was holding their hearts for fear of any further mishaps. After all, the previous two weddings had unexpected events, and now the night family is like a bird of prey, and all steps are taken carefully for fear of any further mishaps. Night Timothy stayed up all night … Read more

Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2339

“A good sign.” Night Zhen Ting looked at her tenderly, “Big treasure two and three are waiting for you, we will pick you up at the airport together when the time comes.” “Good ……” Leng Qianxue was full of happiness, “I’ve put on weight these past few days, I don’t know if I can fit … Read more

Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2338

Nora laughed out loud at these words. Leng Xiao was also crying and laughing, children’s thinking is really too cute …… Nora asked a few maids to take the three children downstairs for dinner, and also ordered someone to invite Leng Qianxue, at this time, someone outside hurriedly came to report: “Miss Leng has returned … Read more

Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2337

Leng Di Feng saw the real high emotional intelligence from Night Zhen Ting, he used to think that the so-called high emotional intelligence is to please others and care about others’ feelings, he always scoffed at this and disdained …… The actual fact is that you can find a lot of things that you can’t … Read more

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