The Rockstar Chapter 425

For a time, Lu Yu was a little flustered, the first time she met one who said she was unprofessional to her face. Say angry, indeed angry, but Li Tiezhu himself has given himself three points, said you are not too professional does not seem to denigrate the meaning. Because, Li Tiezhu’s eyes are extraordinarily … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 424

Lu Yu: “Why would I want fish in my bathtub? A bathtub is a place to soak!” Li Tiezhu: “Then why do we grow food in the yard, the yard is a place to live.” Lu Yu: “But you all can’t afford to eat.” Li Tiezhu: “Who told you we can’t afford to eat? We’re … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 423

Out of human nature, Li Tiezhu looked up and down at the magnificent sweet sister for a few moments, then remembered that it was not polite to look at her, and hurriedly turned away. Liang sweet also reacted half a beat slower, reached out and covered the vitals, but did not dare to speak. On … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 422

Li Tiezhu has always been a child who knows what to do, and when he saw that sweet sister opened the wine, he immediately got up and went to the side cup holder to get a red wine glass, so …… he perfectly missed the moment when Liang Sweet s bath towel fell. Liang sweet … Read more

The Rockstar Chapter 421

Han Hong, Li Zijian and Li Tiezhu were spontaneously made in the middle of the C seat, Liu Hua Hua and others are also leaning to the side, waiting curiously for the “King of Songs” to come out. Li Zijian said: “This is the only time I don’t want to win in this programme because … Read more

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