The Rockstar Chapter 283

Soul contract, deed to the soul, as long as one does not dissolve it, even if the other party’s means are heavenly, they cannot dissolve it. Just like Immortal Emperor Little Yellow Chicken, who was only a Divine King before, he was an Emperor, and there was likewise no way to resolve this kind of … Read more

I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 968

“Yes, yes, both of you please wait, it will be ready soon.” Sofia took the gown handed over by Rong Shu and took her a*sistant to pack it. Fu Jingting and Rong Shu then sat on the sofa and waited. After waiting for about ten seconds, Fu Jingting looked at the woman beside him and … Read more

His Secret Lover Chapter 1533

“Of course I know, this little girl, back when we were on the run, followed Xiao Qing and kept making things for him as well, by the way, she seems to still have a necklace even now, the beads from the hairpin that Xiao Qing helped her retrieve.” Lengxu, as someone who had followed the … Read more

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