The Real Dragon Chapter 3229

The Real Dragon Chapter 3229

“Peace talks?!”

As soon as he heard Hamid’s initiative to make peace talks, Jerold immediately said angrily, “This son of a b*tch killed more than two thousand soldiers of my Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, causing us to lose face in the international mercenary field, and now he’s even thinking of making peace talks with me! I tell you, this is absolutely impossible! We, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, will not agree to this!”

The government army commander asked rhetorically, “Not willing to make peace or attack, are you going to continue to spend time like this?”

Jerold said in a cold voice, “Didn’t we already reach a consensus on this matter of no peace talks a few days ago? At that time, we were all very united in our opinion that we wanted to completely wipe out Hamid’s forces, did you change your mind now after just a few days?”

The other side spoke up, “The situation on the battlefield is constantly changing, at first we said we were not willing to make peace because we felt that Hamid was definitely going to resist to the end and would not be able to agree to make peace with us, but now hasn’t he already shown his intentions in this regard? Then why don’t we take this opportunity to have a good talk with him?”

Jerold said in a stern voice, “We, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, have nothing to talk to him about. Even if you guys want to make peace with him, we won’t change our initial intention and will definitely shred Hamid and all his men into pieces!”

The other party frowned and spoke, “If your will to finish Hamid is so strong, then I suggest you hurry up and give him a painful fight, don’t keep on spending time here, even if you can accept it, I can hardly stand it anymore!”

After saying that, he said with some impatience, “How about this, we withdraw our troops first, and you, the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, continue to surround Hamid here.”

Jerold wrinkled his eyebrows and cursed, “Are you f*cking kidding me? We came here to help you fight the war, and you want to withdraw your troops?”

“Or what?” The other side asked him in return, “Do you want me to spend a year here with you? Do you think we have only one opponent in the country, Hamid? We have many more like Hamid, enemies waiting for us to purge, we don’t have the energy to spend our lives here with one Hamid.”

Saying that, the other party said in a resolute tone, “Our military high command has given clear instructions, if there is not a clear solution to this matter within 5 days, we will all withdraw our troops and go back to rest and recoup, and then rework the battle plan, whether you participate or not!”

When Jerold saw that the other side was not joking with him at all, he was a little nervous.

It wasn’t that he was afraid that the government troops would withdraw at this point in time.

He was mainly afraid that the government troops would therefore think that the strength of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was not good enough and dump it to go it alone.

If that were to happen, all of the efforts and sacrifices made by the Dragon Palace would be in vain.

Once the government forces turn their back and the two sides stop cooperating, the 100 square kilometres of land will definitely come to naught!

Thinking of this, Jerold hurriedly advised, “Don’t rush to withdraw your troops now, the reason why Hamid has taken the initiative to request peace talks at this time is that he can’t hold out any longer, that’s why he wants to find a way out for himself through peace talks before the whole front collapses.

The head of the government army spoke up, “According to the information we got, Hamid should have a large reserve of supplies, more than that, I dare not say, but it is certainly no problem to last for a few months!”

Jerold said, “Those are all rumours, we don’t know how many reserves Hamid has. What if Hamid deliberately put up a smokescreen to confuse us? To make us think that he has plenty of supplies and then make peace with him, then we would have fallen for his trick!”

Saying that, Jerold added, “And don’t you forget that he has integrated a lot of stragglers without thinking about it some time ago, and now that his numbers have doubled several times, his supplies will be consumed faster and faster! It’s not good, it won’t even last a month now, and all we have to do is be a little more patient and at the same time a little more firm with Hamid, if we don’t leave any chance for Hamid to use his good offices, Hamid will definitely be in a state of disarray!”

The other party shook his head and said, “My superiors have already agreed to peace talks, and as far as my superiors are concerned, as long as Hamid is willing to surrender publicly and disarm all his soldiers and disband them in place, we can no longer hold Hamid legally responsible, and we are even willing to integrate him into the government army and give him a position if he is willing. “

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