The Real Dragon Chapter 3242

At this moment, he felt as if he had seen hell.

He looked at Charlie wade with shocked eyes and questioned offhandedly, “What on earth are you!”

Charlie wade smiled faintly, “My surname is Wade, you can call me Master Wade!”

The government commander at the side was already stunned, he himself was in favour of peace talks, and hearing this content reinforced his opinion.

He then subconsciously blurted out, “Master Wade if we withdraw our troops, can you leave the opposition armed camp and join the government forces? If you can, everything before can be written off and we will give Hamid full autonomy and even allow him to remain neutral in our battles with the other opposition forces, I wonder if Commander Hamid is interested?”

The government forces themselves were very pessimistic about attacking Hamid.

So, they would prefer to take Hamid in.

This was because, they recognised Hamid’s ability in war, and if he could join the government army, it would really be the best of both worlds.

When Jerold heard this, he immediately said angrily, “What do you mean by that? Don’t forget that Hamid is still carrying the blood debt of over 2,500 of our Ten Thousand Dragon Hall’s men!”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “You are always welcome to collect this debt, as I have just said, we have enough weapons and ammunition to kill you eight times, or even eighteen times, and the soldiers are itching to get their hands dirty these days, if you are still a man, you had better launch an attack today, if you are a shrinking violet, then we can also continue to stalemate, we don’t care. ”

Jerold’s anger and blood surged, thinking of what the temple lord Wan Bajun had explained to him, he obediently shouted angrily, “Surnamed Wade, go back and tell Hamid that in ten days’ time, or five days’ time, I, Jerold, will definitely lead the troops to fight up and kill all of you!”

The commander of the government troops became furious and blurted out, “Jerold! What do you mean by that?”

Charlie wade laughed, “Can’t you see this? They are deliberately sabotaging the peace talks between us and you, and do not want us to join the government army!”

Jerold did not expect Charlie wade to reveal his fundamental motive at once and hastily covered up, “I didn’t mean that! It’s you who provokes every step of the way!”

Charlie wade ignored him and turned to that government army commander and said, “We have a fable in Chinese called Snipe and Mussel, the fisherman wins, which roughly means that a water bird with a long beak wanted to eat a fat mussel, but was caught in the mussel’s beak by the mussel, and when the two sides were at a standstill with each other, the fisherman who was fishing pa*sed by and took both of them directly into his pocket. ”

Speaking of this, Charlie wade added: “Now, you are the water bird, we are the mussel, and the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, the fisherman! What they want most is for Syria to be in turmoil forever, for the government forces to never have a day of peace or the ability to defend themselves, so that they can only cede land to the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons and ask for its help and protection, so that they can maximise their interests in Syria.”

Jerold said offhandedly, “Don’t you talk nonsense here! The terms of our cooperation with the government forces are that only after we purge all opposition forces will the government forces allocate us land to establish a mercenary base! By then, the whole of Syria will be peaceful and tranquil internally, and there will be no such thing as a snipe and a fisherman!”

The government army commander frowned and said seriously, “Our cooperation agreement with the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is indeed like that, only when we purge all the opposition will we give them land and let them set up bases in Syria, so the kind of situation you are talking about does not exist.”

Charlie wade sneered, “Hey, you’re really stupid, do you really think they will help you purge the opposition completely?”

“Only if Syria is always in turmoil and always needs their help will they be able to keep asking for all kinds of benefits from you!”

“Think about it carefully, if there is really peace in Syria by then, will your government forces be able to accept, deep down, that there is an armed group as powerful as the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons in your territory?”

“At that time, even if the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple does not break the contract, you will definitely break it, because as our old Chinese ancestors have long said, there is no room for others to sleep in peace under the couch!”

“So, I can guarantee you that even if the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace clears out your opposition on the surface, after they get a hundred square kilometres of your land, they will definitely cultivate new opposition in secret and jump out to continue fighting against you! They will continue to drag you into the mire of war!”

“In that case, you will again be caught up in a scorching civil war, but that no longer has anything to do with the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.”

“By that time, the Temple of the Ten Thousand Dragons might find you again and propose that you give them another hundred square kilometres of land, and they will help you purge all opposition!”

“And so on, you will be like wounded soldiers with wounds that repeatedly fester and heal and heal and fester, and under this inhuman torture you will never be a healthy and strong man, but will live forever in their shadow!”

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