The Real Dragon Chapter 3259

Hearing Stephen Thompson’s words, Charlie wade couldn’t help but frown and asked rhetorically, “Since it was that Wan Liancheng who took the initiative to provoke my father, and since my father defeated him in an open and fair way, what does it have to do with my father if he chose to commit suicide because he couldn’t handle his own mental capacity?”

Saying that, Charlie wade said firmly, “My father is not even half responsible for his death! As for his wife taking poison to commit suicide, it has even less to do with my father! If he hadn’t been so cowardly and chose to die, his wife wouldn’t have gone with him, so his wife’s death should be counted on him! What does it have to do with my father?”

Stephen Thompson sighed and said, “Young master, your father has always been benevolent and righteous, and very often, he demands a little more of himself than morality.”

Saying that, he couldn’t help but ask, “Why did you ask about this matter?”

Charlie wade said casually, “It’s not much, it’s just that I met a Chinese overseas who happened to know something about the Wan family.”

Saying that, Charlie wade asked, “By the way, do you know the current situation of the Wan family?”

Stephen Thompson then said, “The Wan family has long been broken, after the death of Wan Liancheng and his family, the Wanlong Group also went bankrupt and liquidated, not only did they not have any a*sets left, but they also owed a large amount of debt, and some of their friends avoided them and all cut off relations with them.”

After your father learned that his wife had committed suicide by taking poison, he thought about adopting the child, but he couldn’t find him, and those relatives of the Wan family knew that the Wan family was defeated, so they all turned away from the Wan family, so the Wan family basically fell into ruin. hadn’t asked just now, I wouldn’t have remembered about the Wan family for over ten years.”

Hearing this, Charlie wade already had a basic speculation in his mind.

“This Wan Broken Jun of the Wan Long Hall should be Wan Lian Cheng’s son ……”

“Moreover, Wan Long Group and Wan Long Hall, these names also sound very similar, further confirming my speculation ……”

“This Wan Breaking Jun, must think that it was my father who killed his parents ……”

“That’s why he’s bent on seeking revenge on the Wade family ……”

“However, since his Wan Long Temple has developed to this point today, it is impossible for him not to know that my father has pa*sed away, and knowing that my father has pa*sed away, he still wants to seek revenge from the Wade Family, either he wants to take the anger of the entire Wade Family, or he wants to take revenge from his father who has pa*sed away.”

In a*sociation with the Ancestral Ritual that would soon be held, Charlie wade’s eyes suddenly turned extremely cold!

He clenched his fists and secretly swore in his heart, “If this Wan Bajun dares to hit on my parents, I will definitely break him into pieces!”

At this moment, Stephen Thompson asked Charlie wade, “Young master, did you hear about something from the Wan family?”

Charlie wade then said, “I’ve heard a little rumour, but it doesn’t matter.”

Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Housekeeper Stephen, I still have some business on my side, so I will not talk to you first, I will talk to you in person when I get to Eastcliff.”

“Good.” Stephen Thompson smiled, “All of the Wade family’s collateral family heads have arrived in Eastcliff, and your cousin Feb’s fiancee, Princess Helena, has also arrived in Eastcliff, so the master is looking forward to you coming over soon!”

“Princess Helena?” Charlie wade asked curiously, “Where’s the princess from?”

“From Northern Europe.” Stephen Thompson said, “This is the marriage partner that the master negotiated for your cousin some time ago, after considering many marriageable girls from many families, this Helena is the most suitable overall, after your cousin marries her, the Wade family’s future development in Europe will also receive a great boost, as soon as the Qingming Festival is over, they will immediately hold an engagement ceremony.”

“Understood.” Charlie wade said casually, “I will only attend the ancestral ritual this time, I will not attend such a thing as an engagement, you help me to say hello to them in advance.”

Stephen Thompson hesitated for a moment and advised, “Young master, if you’re not that busy, it’s best for you to attend, otherwise I’m afraid it’s a bit hard to save face.”

“No.” Charlie wade said firmly, “I don’t want to get too involved with the Wade family, this ancestor worship ceremony is non-public, plus I can pay respect to my parents, that’s why I agreed to attend, other things, I won’t follow and get involved.”

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