The Real Dragon Chapter 3265

Just as the government army’s capture of 15,000 elites from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons in one fell swoop caused a huge stir in international public opinion, the Wade family’s slender, white swan-like Concorde airliner landed smoothly at Aurous Hill Airport.

When the plane came to a stop at the end of the runway, a helicopter had been waiting on the parking space for a long time.

The two people Charlie wade brought back from the Middle East this time were both very sensitive in their identities.

Zayne was the son of the Banks family. Since his disappearance, the entire Banks family, and even the entire society, had been searching for his whereabouts. Once news of his appearance in the country at this time leaked out, it would definitely cause a huge sensation.

As for Jerold, not many people at home might know him, but there were far too many people abroad who knew of him. He himself was one of the Four Great Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and was well known overseas. Moreover, the 15,000 men under his command had just been captured by the Syrian government forces again in their entirety, which made him even more famous in another way. Once it was known that he had appeared in China, it would not only spark great concern, but would also trigger a hunt by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

That was why Charlie wade had asked Isaac Cameron to arrange for a helicopter in advance, and as soon as the plane landed, he immediately used it to take these two men to Don Albert’s dog farm, without any contact with the outside world during the whole process.

Before these two men even got off the plane, they were already covered with thick black hoods to ensure that even with any surveillance camera system, it would be impossible to capture their faces.

Charlie wade then dragged the two men down from the Concorde and directly onto the long-awaited helicopter.

Immediately afterwards, the helicopter flew away from the airport and headed for Don Albert’s dog farm.

Don Albert’s dog farm had been renovated and expanded time and time again, and now the interior was becoming larger and more functional, and the level of secrecy was also increasing.

The helicopter stopped at the central tarmac of the dog farm. The entire apron then slowly sinks to the ground like a lift, followed by a row of pull-ups above. A row of large folding light shields were pulled up from above, completely blocking the lift entrance.

Hearing that Charlie wade was sending two guests to stay here for a few days, Don Albert had risen early at dawn to get ready and was now waiting for Charlie wade’s arrival at the bottom of the tarmac.

As soon as he saw Charlie wade, Don Albert immediately stepped forward and said, “Master Wade. The guest rooms you want are ready, and one of them is next to that James.”

“Very well.” Charlie wade nodded and took off the black cloth bag on Zayne’s head. He said to Don Albert, “This is Zayne, James’s elder brother, the two of them should not have seen each other for a while, so let’s arrange for the two brothers to reunite first.”

“Good!” Don Albert immediately greeted his believer and opened his mouth to order, “Bring him to 105!”

“Yes Master Five!” The beloved henchman respectfully responded, then stepped forward and dragged Zayne with him. In a stern voice, he commanded, “Follow me, don’t dawdle!”

Don Albert then looked at Charlie wade’s side, another Jerold with a black cloth bag over his head, and respectfully asked Charlie wade, “Master Wade, what are the arrangements for this one?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “This one is more obedient, so let him learn how to clean up after Jiro Kobayashi, and let him work well here for the next two days. The day after tomorrow I will take him and Zayne to Eastcliff together.”

“Okay!” Don Albert nodded and said to another henchman, “Go, call Kobayashi Jiro over.”

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