The Real Dragon Chapter 3278

Each of the pills was not only the same size and perfectly round, but also had no difference in colour, as if they had been produced according to extremely precise industrial standards.

Moreover, the pills were clearly filled with strong spiritual energy, but after the pills were completed, no spiritual energy leaked out from the pills themselves, as if they were completely devoid of spiritual energy.

Charlie wade even felt a little unreal, and even wondered in his mind if he had made a mistake, so that something had gone wrong with the pills he had refined, and they had not become Peiyuan pills.

Otherwise, with so many pills piled up in front of him, why could he not feel any spiritual energy at all?

When he was puzzled, his mind suddenly thought of the record about the quality of spirit pills in the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures.

When the pellet is completed, those that are not evenly shaped and coloured, and whose spirit energy is very dense, are lower grade spirit pellets.

Those that are relatively uniform in body shape and colour, but not perfectly uniform, and whose spiritual energy is relatively dense, are medium-grade spiritual pills.

Those with a perfectly even body shape and colour, but with a spirit energy that is if anything, not at all dense, are upper-grade Elixirs.

However, if it has a perfectly uniform body shape and colour, but no spiritual energy at all, it is a very high quality elixir!

It turns out that in the system of spirit pills, the more dense the spirit energy leaking out of the pills, the more it proves that the quality of the pills is not good enough.

This is because the essence of the refinement of a spirit elixir boils down to just two words, collapse.

Aura, and the universe are very similar.

The process of collapsing a medicinal essence into an elixir is like that of a huge star that eventually collapses into a very small and dense white dwarf.

There is always an extremely powerful gravitational force inside the white dwarf star, squeezing all its atoms together and bringing its own density to a limit, and no object can escape from its interior under this powerful gravitational bondage.

And so it is with the very best Elixir.

Not only does a very high quality elixir reach the limit of its density, but it also locks up the internal aura, squeezing it desperately into its inner core and never letting any of it out.

Those that are not of sufficient quality cannot do this at all.

The spirit energy inside them cannot be firmly squeezed and concentrated, nor can it be firmly locked, so the spirit energy will continue to dissipate over time, and over time the spirit energy contained in them will become less and less, eventually losing all effectiveness.

Only the very finest spirit pills could be preserved for a long time, even if it was decades or centuries, the medicinal effects would not be affected in any way.

Charlie wade also didn’t expect that he would be able to harvest twenty-five Extreme Grade Peony Pills at once on his first attempt at refining a Spirit Pill.

Only, at this moment, he did not know what kind of effects the Extreme Grade Peel Pills actually had.

Without hesitation, Charlie wade picked up one of them and put it into his mouth, intending to experience the miraculous effects of this Peiyuan Dan for himself.

What he did not expect was that as soon as the Peiyuan Pill entered his mouth, it immediately turned into an extremely powerful and pure spiritual energy that instantly surged into his body.

Originally, Charlie wade’s body was relatively depleted of spiritual qi, like a pond of water that had dried up to the bottom, but this Peiyuan Dan was like a dam upstream suddenly opening its floodgates, and the amount of water that gushed in at once far exceeded the original maximum water storage capacity of the pond.

Charlie wade only felt that the surging spiritual qi gushed into his body and quickly filled his dantian as well as his eight strange meridians to the brim.

But that wasn’t all!

The powerful spiritual qi was overbearing and quickly burst his dantian as well as his meridians like a blown up balloon.

When Charlie wade felt that his dantian and meridians had almost reached their limits, this powerful spiritual qi actually began to penetrate into the dantian and meridians themselves, quickly raising the strength of the dantian and meridians by more than a notch, and immediately afterwards, more spiritual qi began to converge towards the enhanced dantian again.

Charlie wade felt that his dantian had been made into a gas tank by the aura, and after a large amount of gas filled in, it turned from gas to liquid because of the strong pressure, with more and more capacity and more internal pressure!

However, even so, the medicinal effect of this Peiyuan Dan had only just been exerted by half!

The remaining aura had nowhere else to go, so it immediately began to reverse its direction and began to penetrate his internal organs, bones and flesh from within his dantian!

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