The Real Dragon Chapter 3280

After all, spiritual energy is the best energy for everything in the world, and it has a strong effect on the plants themselves, so it was normal for some of the spiritual energy to overflow as it filled the whole villa just now.

The original Charlie wade was still thinking about whether to deal with the overly dense greenery in the courtyard, after all, it is too different from the outside environment, but when you think about it, it does not matter, after all, no one comes here, the temperature in the mountains is relatively low, so the greenery grows slowly, but when the temperature comes up after the Qingming, the plants will enter the stage of crazy growth, and by then, I think there will not be such an obvious gap.


On the way back to the city, Charlie wade called Isaac Cameron.

As soon as the call came through, Isaac Cameron asked respectfully, “Young master, you’re calling me at this late hour, what do you want to order?”

Charlie wade said, “Old Cameron, arrange a flight for me, I’ll depart for Eastcliff tomorrow morning.”

“Good!” Isaac Cameron was busy saying, “Young master, then I will go with you tomorrow, for an event as significant as the ancestral ritual, we stewards also need to be there.”

Charlie wade then said, “No problem, then you can arrange things for the night and we can go together tomorrow.”

“Good!” Isaac Cameron agreed and asked him again, “Young master, is there anything else you need me to arrange for you?”

“Yes.” Charlie wade spoke, “You can arrange another plane to take off from Aurous Hill tomorrow night, then have Don Albert take both of the two people I left at the dog farm with him, remember to make sure to block their faces and keep it absolutely confidential, never let anyone know that these two people have arrived in Eastcliff.”

Zayne, Charlie wade was sure to bring them to Eastcliff because on the day of Qingming, he wanted Zayne to kneel in front of his parents’ grave and repent.

As for Jerold of the Wanlong Temple, Charlie wade must also bring them with him.

Because he had already guessed the plans of that Wanbreaker, so this time when he went to Eastcliff, it was absolutely inevitable that he would have to meet with Wanbreaker, or even meet him in arms, so bringing Jerold along would definitely be useful in critical moments.

Isaac Cameron naturally knew who these two people were that Charlie wade was talking about, so he asked nervously, “Young master, the identities of these two people are very sensitive, so Aurous Hill is fine, but when they arrive in Eastcliff, what arrangements should we make?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “You don’t have to worry too much about this, I will let He’s family go with them tomorrow, and when we arrive in Eastcliff at night, let He’s family take them to find a safe place to settle down quietly first.”

Isaac Cameron couldn’t help but say, “Young Master, the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is afraid that many experts are in Eastcliff, will He’s family be able to make it?”

Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, now the enemy is bright and we are dark, they are quietly going to Eastcliff, as long as they pay a little attention, the people of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall will definitely not find out, I believe that the He family still has this ability.”

“Good!” Isaac Cameron immediately said, “Then I will arrange the plane now, and then set a time with Don Albert, on He’s family’s side, do you think you should inform them or me?”

Charlie wade then said, “You should contact Don Albert, I will notify the He family.”


Charlie wade hung up the phone, picked up his mobile phone and called Lord He, the old man of the He family, directly.

Since he had come to Aurous Hill, he had thought that he would have to work for Charlie wade every day to be loyal, so as to repay his many kindnesses, but to his surprise, after he had arrived, apart from helping Don Albert and Isaac Cameron train their men every day, there was hardly any other work, and Charlie wade had basically never contacted him.

Therefore, when he received Charlie wade’s call, he was very excited, and as soon as he got through, he immediately said excitedly and respectfully, “Master Wade, you finally remembered me!”

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