The Real Dragon Chapter 3282

He Yingxiu shook her head and said, “I can’t say this. Master Wade hasn’t asked me to go there either.”

Xion was busy saying, “Mum, I’ll go and give Master Wade a call if he needs to. I want to go along with him!”

He Yingxiu said with some difficulty, “Xion, you have forgotten Master Wade’s instructions. After all, your identity is very sensitive and he doesn’t even want your grandfather and your brother-in-law to know that you are still alive.”

Xion said firmly, “Then I’ll ask him too, if not, I can disguise myself and follow him as a maid, or if not, a man dressed as a woman as an a*sistant.”

He Yingxiu said helplessly, “Then you’d better ask Master Wade yourself, but you should also grasp the right proportion, if you are not allowed to go then, you should not insist too much. Lest he thinks you don’t know what to do.”

“Okay mum.”

Xion answered, hurriedly took out her mobile phone, walked inside to the bedroom and called Charlie wade.

Charlie wade was on his way back to the city by car at this moment.

Receiving Xion’s call made him feel both surprised and as if it was reasonable.

Immediately afterwards. He picked up the phone and asked with a smile, “Xion, why are you calling me at this time?”

Xion busily said, “Master Wade, I heard that you are going to Eastcliff and have asked my grandfather and the others to go over to help, so I wanted to ask you if you could bring me along?”

Charlie wade thought for a moment and spoke, “Xion, your identity is still very sensitive now. The Japanese are still looking for you everywhere up to now, and I believe they must have many eyes and ears in Eastcliff, so it’s better for you not to come out and show your face for the time being.”

Xion said in a somewhat anxious tone, “Master Wade, although Xion’s strength may not be outstanding, it will not hold you back, and it will definitely be able to help you with your worries to a certain extent on the other side! Please just take me with you. I can dress up in disguise and no one will be able to tell, please just take me with you!”

Charlie wade smiled and said, “It’s not a big deal for me to go to Eastcliff this time. It’s just a matter of two or three days and I’ll be back, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

Saying that, Charlie wade added, “I promise you. After the wind has pa*sed some time later, I will definitely take you with me when there is something like this again.”

Hearing this, Xion also knew that Charlie wade would not change his mind, but it was good that Charlie wade had left herself a few moments of hope with these last words, so she hurriedly said, “Then you must not forget! For such a long time, I have been staying in the hotel, boredom is secondary, mainly because I feel that I can’t do anything for you, I really have a feeling that I am a waste ……”

“Don’t worry.” Charlie wade smiled faintly: “There will definitely be a place for you in the future.”


Just when Charlie wade had just pacified Xion, Lord Banks, who was in Suhang, suddenly received a phone call from Wan Breaking Army.

These days, Banks Anshun had spent every day like a year.

It was not because he was in a bad mood or in a miserable situation that he felt this way, but because he had been looking forward to the Qingming Festival coming soon.

It was because the Qingming Festival would be the day when the Wade family would completely withdraw from the stage.

Once the Wade family fell, the Banks family would be able to continue to hold on to its position as the number one family in the country.

Moreover, with a powerful ally like Wan Bajun, he would not only be able to eliminate threats in the future, he would even have the chance to go to the next level.

When he saw Wan Bajun calling, Lord Banks picked up the phone with some excitement and said, “Bajun, what do you want to tell me when you call so late?”

Wan Bajun said in a cold voice, “I’m calling to inform you that on the morning of April 5th, I’m going to move my parents’ coffin into Wanling Mountain, and then bury my parents on Wade Ling Mountain in front of the entire Wade family, my father has always respected Uncle Banks, and you are Uncle Banks’s father, so I hope that you will preside over my parents’ burial ceremony then!”

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