The Real Dragon Chapter 3288

He looked at the terrified Christine and sighed in his heart, “Is this still my f*cking aunt who is so arrogant and domineering that no one in Eastcliff knows about her? In the past, she would fight for her life even if a hair was missing, but after taking such a big loss from Charlie wade, how come she doesn’t even have the slightest thought of revenge?”

Thinking of this, he asked reluctantly, “Auntie, don’t you think it was too much for Charlie wade to treat you that way at first? Aren’t you angry with Charlie wade in your heart?”

Christine took a step back and said with a serious face, “I’m not, I’m not, don’t talk nonsense ……”

Feb’s jaw dropped and he looked at Christine dumbfounded, never dreaming that he would try to set her up and rekindle her anger towards Charlie wade with a provocative method, but who would have thought that she would directly give himself a denial triple ……

Naturally, Feb was quite depressed at this point and hurriedly looked at his father, Corran, hoping that Corran would step forward and make another effort.

However, Lord wade did not give him a chance.

At this moment, Lord wade’s expression already had a clear displeasure and he said in a cold voice, “Little Feb, Charlie wade is your younger brother, I don’t care what you think of him in your heart, you must show yourself as a brother and treat him well and get along well.”

After saying that, he looked at the others and said in a stern voice, “The same goes for you all!”

Feb did not dare to say anything more and could only nod resentfully, “Grandpa I understand.”

Lord wade said coldly, “Charlie will arrive in a little over an hour, so you should hurry up and get ready, and personally go to the airport to pick up your brother and return!”

“Me?” Feb asked with a surprised look on his face, “You want me to go to the airport to pick him up?”

“Of course!” Lord wade said, “Charlie said on the phone that he was going to the Gu(Sun) family first, but he’s been away from home for so many years and now that he’s finally back, he should naturally come to the Wade family first thing when he lands, so how can he go to the Gu(Sun) family! So you take someone to meet him at the airport, talk nicely to him and get him to the Wade family!”

When Feb heard that he was told to pick up Charlie wade, he was upset in his heart.

He felt that he was the eldest son and grandson of the Wade family.

The status of the eldest grandson was equal to that of the Crown Prince, and all the other sons and grandsons had to be respectful when they saw him, so why should he, the eldest son and grandson, be allowed to pick him up when he, a Charlie wade, had been away from home for so many years?

Thinking of this, Feb said somewhat reluctantly, “Grandpa, Charlie wade will be back as soon as he returns, I’ll arrange a motorcade later and have Butler Stephen take the motorcade to greet him, won’t that be grand enough? There’s no need for me to go too, right?”

Lord wade said categorically, “Only if you go can you show the Wade family’s sincerity!”

Feb frowned and said, “Charlie wade is my second uncle’s son, even if he has been away from home for so many years, he is still a family member, so there is no need to be so rude between family members and family members, what kind of sincerity is there?”

Lord wade said seriously, “What do you know, Charlie wade left home at the age of eight and has never officially returned to acknowledge his ancestors, in the end he is now treating us as outsiders, so we must let him feel the sincerity of the whole Wade family, so that he can willingly acknowledge his ancestors!”

Feb did not expect Lord wade to attach so much importance to Charlie wade, his heart was even more upset, he could not help but secretly sigh, “This Charlie wade, he has been gone for almost twenty years, now he suddenly comes back cold, what exactly is his intention? “Could it be that he wants to steal the qualification of the new generation heir of the Wade family from the old man?”

“And the old man, defending Charlie wade at every turn, does he want Charlie wade to stay in the Wade Family to check and balance each other with me?”

“A mere trash who has been hanging around outside for twenty years, is he also worthy of calling me Feb’s brother?!”

“I don’t know why grandpa thinks so highly of him, is it because he has a marriage contract with the Gu(Sun) family?

At this moment, although Feb was full of displeasure and anger, he did not dare to directly disobey his grandfather’s wishes.

So, he could only forcefully hold back his anger and agreed, saying, “Alright grandpa, then I’ll go and get ready and go over to pick him up.”

Lord wade nodded gently and looked at Jackson, the son of the oldest three Myles, and instructed, “Jackson, you go along too!”

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