The Real Dragon Chapter 3295

Seeing Stephanie, Charlie wade was also in an extraordinarily good mood, so he took a few quick steps to her and asked with a smile, “How long have you been here?”

Stephanie stepped forward to take his arm and gently shook it while saying with a smile, “Not long, I’ve only seen half of a movie.”

With that, she hurriedly pulled Charlie wade towards the car, chanting, “My father and mother have cooked a big table at home, waiting for you to receive them! Let’s hurry back!”

Charlie wade laughed, “Don’t rush, Old Cameron is still behind, I’ll say hello to him.”

Only then did Stephanie see Isaac Cameron, who had just stepped down from the boarding ladder, and said with some embarra*sment, “Sorry, Mr. Cameron, I didn’t notice you just now!”

Isaac Cameron said, “Miss Gu(Sun), you are too kind, how can you have anyone else in your eyes at this time?”

Hearing this, Stephanie’s face burnt, but she still gave Isaac Cameron a thumbs up and praised him, “As expected of you, Mr. Cameron, you are really good at talking!”

After saying that, she added, “Mr. Cameron, my parents are waiting for brother Charlie wade at home, so we’ll leave first!”

Isaac Cameron nodded and smiled, “Miss Gu(Sun), drive safely on the road.”

Just as he finished speaking, eight black Rolls-Royces drove into the hangar one after another.

The eight cars were parked horizontally in a row, each with the cla*sic Rolls-Royce temple-shaped grille on the front, as well as the flying goddess made of pure gold.

Immediately afterwards, the doors of the eight cars opened, and in addition to the Wade family bodyguards dressed in black, Stephen Thompson, Feb wade, Jackson wade and Helena, all stepped out of the cars.

When Stephen Thompson saw Charlie wade, he stepped forward and greeted him respectfully, “Young Master Charlie, you’ve had a hard journey!”

As soon as Stephen Thompson finished speaking, Feb wade stepped forward and blocked him aside with his hand, looked at Charlie wade with a smile and said, “You must be my poor cousin, Charlie wade, who has been wandering around for twenty years and has no home to return to, right?”

Charlie wade frowned at him and asked expressionlessly, “Which one are you?”

Feb wade smiled and spoke, “Older brother, you’ve been away from home for so long that you don’t even remember me? I’m your cousin, Feb wade!”

After saying that, he took a big step towards Charlie wade, stretched out his arms and hugged him hard, and said with a smile, “Good brother, you’ve finally come back! You don’t know how much we’ve worried about you all these years! You’ve suffered for so many years! But don’t worry, after that big brother will definitely take care of you more and make up for the suffering you’ve suffered for so many years!”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “Then I’m really grateful to you guys for thinking of me.”

Feb wade waved his hand, “Hey, family, don’t say anything about family! We are all very happy that you are back! So as soon as we heard you were coming today, Jackson and I rushed over to pick you up.”

Saying that, he pulled Jackson wade over and said with a smile, “This is your younger brother, the son of Third Uncle’s family, Jackson wade, he was still in kindergarten when you left back then.”

Jackson wade looked at Charlie wade and said with a smile, “Second brother, I always thought I would never have the chance to see you in this life, but I never thought we would see each other again one day.”

Feb wade laughed, “What kind of words are you saying, other people’s Charlie wade has fallen into exile, not died in another country.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Jackson wade hurriedly nodded and said, “Big brother is still right, don’t be offended, second brother, I’m a fun-loving person, I studied a master’s degree in business administration in the United States and came back, I didn’t study for a doctorate, I’m not highly educated, if I say something wrong, you should bear with me a little more.”

Charlie wade smiled and nodded his head.

He knew that these two brothers had no good intentions in coming to pick him up today, one ridiculed him for wandering around for twenty years, and the other ridiculed him for not having studied much.

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