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The Real Dragon Chapter 3302

Angie was in a very good mood, so she took out some wine and wanted to have some with her.

Angie was so happy with Charlie wade that when she looked at him, she no longer treated him as her future son-in-law, but as her own son.

Charlie wade also liked this feeling in the Gu(Sun) family, and all three members of the Gu(Sun) family treated him with unparalleled sincerity.

This, coupled with the fact that the two families had been as close as a family for so many years, had made Charlie wade feel truly at home.

While Charlie wade was exchanging gla*ses with the Lord Orrin family, Feb wade sent Helena back to the hotel and returned to the Wade family to resume his duties.

When Lord wade saw that Charlie wade had not followed him back, he immediately spoke up and asked, “What’s going on? Where is Charlie? Didn’t come back with you?”

Feb wade was waiting to come back to complain, and when he heard Lord wade ask, he immediately complained angrily, “Grandpa, this guy Charlie wade is too much! There were so many of us and we went to pick him up, but even if he didn’t come, he even spoke rudely to you! I told him time and time again that you were waiting for him at home, but he told me that he loved whoever he was, and that he had no respect for anyone!”

Lord wade frowned slightly and asked him, “Then where did Charlie go?”

“Gone to the Gu(Sun) family.” Feb wade said in exasperation, “That Stephanie of the Gu(Sun) family drove to pick him up, and the two of them left together.”

Lord wade nodded gently and said blandly, “Just go, it’s good to be close to the Gu(Sun) family.”

As he said that, he looked at Stephen Thompson and asked, “Steven, have you told Charlie that he should come home tomorrow no matter what?”

Immediately, Stephen Thompson stepped forward. Respectfully, he said, “Back to your Lordship, I have already spoken to Young Master Charlie, he said he will come to the house early tomorrow morning on time.”

“That’s good.” A stone fell from Lord wade’s heart as he spoke, “Since he wants to come over tomorrow, then let’s wait for him.”

Feb wade did not expect that he had just approached the old man to complain and say that Charlie wade had disobeyed his old man, but the old man was not angry at all.

He couldn’t help but curse angrily in his heart, “The old man usually pays the most attention to the family rules, but when it comes to Charlie wade, how come he has a two-tier system? Does it mean that Charlie wade can disobey the rules and disobey him directly? Why?”

Feb wade, who was indignant, immediately said, “Grandpa! I have to ask you to do me justice!”

Lord wade frowned, “What is it?”

Feb wade said angrily, “Today at the airport, after Charlie wade met Helena, he actually put his hands on her and did some active and frivolous acts!”

Speaking of this, Feb wade’s emotions grew more and more agitated, and he added offhandedly, “And he even made up some nonsense to Helena! He scared Helena directly! Originally Helena was going to follow him back, but because she was offended by Charlie wade and was in a bad mood, she went back to the hotel early.”

Lord wade couldn’t help but frown and asked, “Is there such a thing? What exactly happened, tell me in detail!”

Feb wade then immediately told the truth about the situation.

Because Stephen Thompson was there, he did not dare to add too much fuel to the fire.

However, he felt that the fact that Charlie wade had taken the initiative to grab Helena’s hand and babbled about it was already very rude in itself.

After hearing this, Lord wade did feel a little uncomfortable too.

Helena was Charlie wade’s future sister-in-law, so it was natural for Charlie wade to keep his distance, and taking the initiative to touch someone else’s hand was indeed a bit nonsensical.

So, he frowned and asked Feb wade, “What exactly did you say when you said that Charlie was babbling nonsense at that time?”

Feb wade said angrily, “He said that Helena wasn’t doing well and that she should pay more attention in the near future or something, and he even touched Helena’s hand and said that Helena should bite the tip of her right middle finger in a critical situation! Isn’t that f*cking bullSh*t? I’ve never heard of a sudden illness where biting your finger works! I think he’s deliberately trying to take advantage of Helena!”

At this moment, Feb wade’s father, Corran, immediately stepped forward and said with a pained expression, “Dad! Helena is from the Nordic royal family and has a lot of rules and manners. If today’s incident makes her harbour ill feelings towards our Wade family, it might lead to an international scandal for our Wade family! In that case, our Wade family will lose face abroad!”

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