The Real Dragon Chapter 3311

Lord Orrin’s words caused Charlie wade’s heart to remain unsettled for a long time.

When he thought of his father leaving Eastcliff with such resignation and loss, depressed and unmotivated, and finally dying in another country, Charlie wade’s heart was as painful as a knife twisting.

In the past, he did not want to have too much involvement with the Wade family because he knew that his father’s relationship with the Wade family had ended up in a stalemate, and even the Wade family had to take part of the blame for his parents’ death.

It was for this reason that he had always avoided the Wade family, not getting entangled with them as much as possible.

And Lord Orrin’s words again made him understand that his father, in the Wade family, had in fact always been resentful!

Because, back then, it was the Wade family that had wronged him! It was the Wade family that failed him! They had failed him!

As Lord Orrin said, his father had died of hatred, and as his only son, he should not only seek justice for him, but also carry his banner and inherit his legacy!

Only in this way can we truly console his spirit!

Otherwise, no matter how powerful and rich he was, if he was unable to carry on his legacy, he would not be able to make up for his father’s great regret before he died!

With this in mind, Charlie wade silently poured himself a gla*s of white wine, lifted the gla*s with both hands and said solemnly to Lord Orrin, “Uncle Gu(Sun), thank you for your enlightenment! I will definitely inherit my father’s legacy and become the head of the Wade family, making the Wade family stand on top of the world!”

As he said this, he said with a cold expression, “Before I achieve my ultimate goal, I want to make the entire Wade Family submit to me! I want the entire Wade Family to honestly follow my footsteps! No one, no one shall ever leave my father alone halfway up the mountain like he did twenty years ago!”

“Good!” Lord Orrin was overwhelmed with excitement as he bellowed and rose to his feet, “Charlie! No matter what time it is, remember that you are Bruce wade’s son! You must carry your father’s banner, stand at the top of this world, and make all the top families submit to you! Let the Wade family, the Banks family, the Rothschilds, all kneel before you and worship you!”

At this point, he looked up to the sky and sighed, “I hope I can see this moment come in my lifetime! That way, I, Lord Orrin, can take this news with me to your father and mother, and then I will have no regrets in my life! I will then have no regrets in my life!


This night in Eastcliff, many people fell into insomnia.

As Charlie wade lay on the bed in the guest room of the Gu(Sun) family, his mind was thinking about how to become the head of the Wade family and how to make the Wade family stand on top of the world.

At the same time, he thought of the Master of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, Wan Bajun, who had yet to show his face.

He knew that Wan Bajun’s goal was this time the Wade Family’s Ancestral Ritual Ceremony.

Therefore, he surmised in his mind that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow at the latest, Wan Broken Jun would come from behind the curtain to the front of the stage.

Wan Bajun would definitely appear with the power he thought was enough to crush the Wade Family, which, for the Wade Family, would be a disaster, but for himself, it was an opportunity!

People say that if you don’t break, you can’t stand.

The Wade family, under the leadership of Elder Wade for so many years, had developed steadily and steadily. If he were to come back and take away his power for no reason, he would definitely be reduced to a rebellious son in the eyes of everyone.

Therefore, if you want to take away the old man’s power, you must have a good reputation.

And Wan Xiaojun was the best opportunity to do so!

With this in mind, Charlie wade thought to himself, “Let Wan Bajun make his debut and put on a good show, so that the day he shakes the Wade family to its core is the day I take over the power of the Wade family!”

At the same time, Wan Bajun, who was also in Eastcliff, was also unable to sleep for a long time.

It was just after twelve in the morning when he tore off yesterday’s calendar with his own hands and looked at the words “April 4th”, lost in thought for a long time.

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