The Real Dragon Chapter 3315

Helena had not expected her cousin to suddenly become so desperate.

She subconsciously blurted out, “If my grandmother had died before my engagement, how could the engagement ceremony have gone ahead? If word got out that my grandmother had died and I was still holding the engagement party as usual, not only would the outside world spit on me, they would spit on the entire royal family!”

Olivia on the other end of the line said coldly, “Don’t worry, I’ll let her survive the three days as long as I can, and even if she does die in those three days, I won’t let the news out, I’ll wait until after your engagement to announce it.”

Helena was furious, “How can you do that? What do you take Grandma for? A tool to be controlled by you?!”

Olivia snapped, “Helena! You remember that! It doesn’t matter if she lives or dies now! Your marriage to the Wade family is the most important thing! The Wade family has promised to invest three billion euros in a joint venture with the royal family to develop tourist properties in Europe immediately after you and Feb wade get married.

Helena was furious and shouted angrily, “Olivia! I’ve always treated you like my own sister and my mother has treated you like a daughter since I was a little girl, and now you’re going too far!

Olivia sneered, “Helena, Olivia is not what you should be called! Remember, you will call me Her Majesty!”

With that, Olivia added threateningly, “Helena! I know you’re not well, but you mark my words! You’d better keep yourself alive for a few more years to make sure that the cooperation between the royal family and the Wade family can be landed, and never, ever let anything happen to this matter! Otherwise, I will definitely throw your mother out of the royal family and leave her on the streets!”

“How dare you!” Helena’s entire body was furious to the extreme and she roared through gritted teeth, “If you dare to touch my mother, I will k i l l you!”

Olivia laughed coldly, “Helena, you’d better be clear about the situation now, after my grandmother dies, I will immediately ascend to the throne as the new Queen, who are you to k i l l me? With your congenital heart condition? I advise you to save your breath!”

At this point, Olivia laughed contemptuously and said, “Helena, don’t say I won’t give you a chance, as long as you complete your marriage with the Wade family, then find a way to live a few more years and stay honestly in China, I will guarantee your mother’s life, otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding my relatives’ feelings!”

Helena felt a shiver run down her spine. Originally, she had thought that the most threatening thing to the royal family was her mother’s future retirement and livelihood.

But now she realised that with Olivia, that line had been drawn even lower, and she had even begun to threaten herself with her mother’s life.

In this moment, she felt that Olivia, on the other end of the phone, had instantly become an unbearable stranger.

She really couldn’t understand why this sister, whom she had known for twenty-three years, was such a snake in the heart.

But she knew very well that if she insisted on confronting Olivia, her mother’s life would really be in danger, because Olivia was now in control of the entire royal family and was about to ascend to the throne as empress, and her mother was just a widow struggling to survive within the royal family, how could she be a match for Olivia.

So she immediately said, “Olivia, I can agree to all your demands, but you must also agree to one condition!”

Olivia sneered, “Good! You might as well say it.”

Helena said word for word, “I can join hands with the Wade family and help you attract the Wade family’s funds, but you must let my mother come to China, I want to receive her into my care!”

Olivia snorted coldly as if she had heard a big joke, “Helena, you are simply being whimsical, don’t you still understand why you have to go to China alone and attend the Wade family’s ancestral ritual? It’s to keep you and your mother apart, so for your wedding with Feb wade, although the royal family will send many representatives to attend, they will definitely not let your mother go there!”

Speaking of this, Olivia laughed lightly, “From now on, you will not be allowed to return to Northern Europe half a step, nor will you be allowed to leave Northern Europe half a step, until one of you dies! If you dare to return, it will not be easy for either of you!”

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