The Real Dragon Chapter 3322

Feb wade, who was most afraid of being known as a heartless man in the future, was delighted but said, “Oh Helena, that’s not what we meant, we simply want you to be able to return to the country you love, so that you don’t have any regrets.”

Although Feb wade said so, his hand had already reached into his pocket and pulled out his mobile phone, turned on the video recording again and said to Helena, “But your idea is indeed quite good, in order to avoid misunderstandings among the public about this matter in the future, it would be hard for you to explain the situation to everyone.”

Helena was not surprised that Feb wade would do such a thing, so she turned to the camera and spoke with difficulty, “Hello everyone …… I am Helena …… I have been suffering from congenital Tetralogy of Fallot since I was a child, and now that my symptoms have flared up, it may be hard to get through this …… I hope that people who see this video will not blame anyone for my death.”

Hearing this, Feb wade and Elder Wade breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

And at that moment, Helena’s eyes were red and she seriously said, “In addition to that, I would like to plead with everyone to save my mother, who is now under house arrest by Princess Olivia of the Nordic Royal Family!”

Immediately afterwards, Helena’s emotions were very emotional as she angrily denounced, “Olivia has deliberately placed my mother under house arrest in order to force me into a marriage with the Wade family of China and force me to help the Nordic Royal Family attract funds from the Wade family, and is using her life and safety as blackmail to force me to give in!”

“I hope that Olivia, after seeing this video, can be pressured to restore my mother’s personal freedom, and at the same time, I implore the Nordic government to please ensure my mother’s safety ……”

At this point, Helena became even more emotional and sternly said, “I also hope that after my death, the Nordic government will thoroughly investigate Olivia’s crime! A snake-hearted, evil person like her must not go unpunished, let alone become the next Nordic Queen! She should be sent to prison and become a criminal reviled by the people of the world!”

Seeing that Helena was so agitated that her body could not help but tremble violently, Feb wade hurriedly stepped forward and said soothingly, “Helena, don’t get excited, your body is still the most important thing now!”

Helena looked at Feb wade, smiled sadly and spoke, “That’s fine, that’s all! When I die, please publish the whole video, that would be a big favor to me.”

Feb wade coughed awkwardly twice and said, “Cough cough, I should, I should, it’s just a hand up, by the way, how are you feeling?”

Helena smiled with difficulty, “I feel like a stalled plane that is falling fast, the moment it hits the ground, everything will be relieved ……”

The other side of Lord wade was busy saying, “Helena, you’d better try to hold on as long as you can, if you can make it to Northern Europe, it would be best, when you get to Northern Europe, you might still have a chance to see your mother again.”

Helena shook her head gently and said weakly, “I may not be able to hold on, but you guys don’t have to worry, with the video I just recorded, even if I die now, you guys don’t have to take any responsibility.”

Hearing these words, Lord wade’s nervousness instantly relaxed a lot.

At this moment, the monitor next to Helena emitted an ear-piercing warning sound, and Helena’s blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen indicators were all dropping drastically.

At the sight of this, Director Zhao hurriedly shouted to the few doctors who were packing up their things, “The patient is in critical condition, prepare for first aid!”

Helena waved her hand with difficulty and whispered, “Don’t bother, please leave me this last bit of decency ……”

Director Zhao looked at Lord wade and opened his mouth to ask, “Master, what do you mean?”

Lord wade sighed and said, “Follow Princess Helena’s wishes!”

After saying this, he did not want to stay in this depressing atmosphere of the resuscitation room, so he turned around and walked out.

An old man of his age was most afraid of such occasions, even if it was not himself who was lying there being resuscitated, it would always make them unconsciously a*sociate themselves with him.

Seeing that Lord wade had gone out, Feb wade hesitated for a moment and said offhandedly to Director Zhao, “Director Zhao! I think we should definitely salvage it! Otherwise, in case someone from the Nordic royal family does an autopsy later on and finds out that we didn’t resuscitate with care at the last moment, they might use this as a handle to attack us and say that we didn’t save well ……”

Speaking of this, Feb wade choked out, “In that case, wouldn’t we have to take another f*cking fall?!”

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