The Real Dragon Chapter 3328

“Moreover, I believe that she has asked you two to follow me around not only to spy on me, but also to save me immediately and avoid being seen by the Wade family in case I suddenly have an attack, so if she knows about this, she will also blame you for not helping me to cover it up, and when the blame comes down, you will also be held responsible. ”

“So, why don’t all three of us pretend that this never happened, so that the two of you don’t have to take responsibility and I can have a chance to fight again, what do you think?”

The two girls exchanged a look and the Chinese girl spoke up, “Princess Helena, we haven’t bothered to talk back to Princess Olivia just now, we’ll delete the video from our phones later and pretend that it didn’t happen!”

“Good!” Helena breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, “Time is short, you guys come and help me with my make-up.”


At this time, Charlie wade had already changed his shirt and suit, and with the help of Stephanie, he had tied his tie, and after he had cleaned up overall, he sat in the living room of the Gu(Sun) family villa, waiting for Stephen Thompson to arrive.

The suit Angie had prepared for him was just the right size, like a tailor-made suit.

The material, shape and style of the suit were all top notch.

A suit of this quality could not be achieved by any good brand of ready-to-wear, except for those handmade by top masters.

Charlie wade’s entire aura was also enhanced after he changed into such a suit.

Even Lord Orrin couldn’t help but sigh when he looked at it, “Charlie, this suit is a perfect match on you!”

Not only was it tall, handsome and heroic, but it also had the air of a successful gentleman, which was a sight to behold.

Charlie wade smiled, “The main thing is that the size fits perfectly, just like a tailor-made suit.”

Stephanie said, “You don’t know, when people get their suits made by this master, they have to fly to London to have the master measure them personally. In order to size you, my mother and I went to pick a dummy model with a similar figure to yours.

Charlie wade was busy saying, “Thank you Stephanie, and Auntie Angie, I usually lead a rather rough life, if it wasn’t for you guys thinking about it, I wouldn’t have this string at all.”

Angie smiled faintly and said seriously, “When you return to the Wade family this time, you must not let anyone look down on you, let them know that you are Bruce wade’s son, and that you are green!”

Charlie wade nodded solemnly and said, “I know Auntie Angie!”

And next to her, Stephanie said in a soft voice, “Brother Charlie wade, Dad has had a caravan prepared, I’ll send you to the Wade family later!”

Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “Why is there a caravan prepared? Didn’t Butler Stephen say he was coming to pick me up?”

Angie said with a smile, “Your Uncle Gu (Sun) said, “You are the first son and grandson of the Wade family, the only son of the famous Bruce wade, so when you return to the Wade family, you must do so in style! So, we in the Gu(Sun) family have to add to your glory! We must help you put up a show!”

Lord Orrin immediately nodded and smiled, “That’s right! Your return to the Wade family this time is of great significance, and I am afraid that the rest of the Wade family will deliberately use your twenty years of wandering in Jinling to humiliate you, so we must let them know the moment you arrive at the Wade family that you are not only the first son and grandson of the Wade family, but also the future son-in-law of my Gu(Sun) family, and anyone who dares to humiliate you will have to weigh up their qualifications first!”

Charlie wade did not know what to say for a moment.

He naturally understood Lord Orrin’s good intentions, but he was more or less ashamed in his heart.

At that moment, a servant from the Gu(Sun) family came to announce, “Master and Madam, Butler Stephen from the Wade family has arrived!”

Hearing that Stephen Thompson had arrived, Lord Orrin immediately said, “You all sit down, I’ll go and fetch Stephen!”

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