The Real Dragon Chapter 3336

Saying that, Stephen Thompson asked again, “Master, it’s three minutes short of half past nine, and over a hundred of the Wade family’s collateral relatives are already waiting outside the manor, is it time to let them come in one by one to pay their respects?”

Lord wade nodded and said with a smile, “That’s fine, let’s begin!”

As he said that, he also turned his face and introduced himself to Charlie wade, “Charlie, the first one to come to pay respects in a moment will be your second grandfather’s family, I wonder if you still remember him?”

Charlie wade shook his head, “I don’t remember much.”

Lord wade laughed, “You should have met him once or twice when you were young, but you have been away from home for too long after all, and this second grandfather of yours has his family in Canada, so there are not many opportunities for him to come to China.”

Saying that, Lord wade added, “Speaking of which, of all the many side relatives of the Wade family, your second grandfather’s family is the closest to us, after all, he is my own brother.”

When the others saw that Lord Wade had been talking and laughing with Charlie wade, they were all jealous in their hearts.

Soon, the crowd heard at the door, Stephen Thompson shouted out, “Jim, the grandson of the Wade clan, with his eldest son Putin and eldest grandson Tyler, pay a visit to the door!”

As soon as the words left his mouth, an old man with pale white hair walked in with a middle-aged man and a young man smilingly.

This old man was Lord wade’s own brother, Jim.

With his eldest son and grandson in tow, Jim marched straight to Lord wade, who was sitting at the centre of the main table, and spoke excitedly, “Big brother! It’s been a long time!”

Lord wade nodded and smiled, “You haven’t been back for the past two or three years, have you? You don’t even come back to see me as your big brother, that’s not fair!”

Jim said ashamedly, “Big brother, my body can’t stand the strain anymore, I had a serious illness a few years ago and lost half of my stomach.

Speaking of this, Jim sighed, “The children didn’t want me to come to this ancestral ceremony, but how could I not? Maybe this will be the last time I attend the ancestral ceremony!”

Lord wade said, “Don’t talk nonsense, take good care of your health, you will definitely be able to come in twelve years’ time!”

Jim sighed lightly and waved his hand, “Brother, I know my health well, I’ll be satisfied if I can live another three to five years, how dare I hope for twelve years.”

He said, “I just finished working with my children a few days ago. I wanted to send my body back to China after I died and bury it in the ancestral grave of the Wade family, but the children didn’t agree at first, thinking it was too far away and that it wasn’t easy to come and see me and pay respects.”

Lord wade blurted out, “Come on, Don’t say such sad things, just stay for a few more days this time and let’s get together as brothers!”

“Good!” Jim nodded repeatedly, and then said to his son and grandson, “Putin, Tyler, what are you still standing there for?

Putin hurriedly knelt down on one knee and said with a clasped fist, “Putin pays respects to Eldest Uncle!”

His son, Tyler, also knelt down after him and said respectfully, “Tyler pays respects to Eldest Grandfather!”

Lord wade smiled and lifted the two men up, saying cheerfully, “Come, come, oldest two, and Putin, little Fan, let me introduce you.”

Corran, the son of the Wade family, had by now lifted his buttocks and prepared to get up.

It was because according to the rules, on such formal occasions, even if everyone knew each other, they had to go through the motions.

And since he was the eldest son, he must be the first to be introduced.

But who would have thought that just as his buttocks lifted up a few centimetres, Lord wade, who was at the side, pulled Charlie wade and introduced him to Jim’s grandchildren, “This is Bruce’s son, Charlie wade!”

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