The Real Dragon Chapter 3343

When the Wade family heard Lu Haotian say that he had come on the order of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, they were all scared out of their wits.

They had thought that offending the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons would be troublesome enough, but who would have thought that it would be the Hall Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons!

This was the head of the mercenaries who had tens of thousands of elite mercenaries under his command!

If he was offended, wouldn’t there be no way to live?

At this moment, Lu Haotian said in a cold voice, “The name of my Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is Wan Bajun! He is the only son of the couple, Wan Liancheng and Ma Yuehui!”

After saying that, he looked at Lord wade and questioned, “Old thing, do you still remember Wan Liancheng’s name?”

At these words, Lord wade’s face instantly turned pale!

Naturally, he knew of Wan Liancheng and his wife!

But he had never dreamed that the internationally renowned Wan Long Temple was created by Wan Lian Cheng’s son!

The rest of the Wade family’s immediate family members were almost fainting from fear at this point!

The five siblings,Corran , Myles and Christine, also knew about the incident when Wan Liancheng had committed suicide by jumping off a building and his wife had subsequently taken poison.

As soon as they heard that the big brother behind the attack was Wan Liancheng’s son, they knew that the other party had come to take revenge for their parents!

Although Wan Liancheng and his wife had committed suicide back then, it was also because they had lost at the hands of Bruce wade, and their family was broken before they died.

Therefore, the Wade family knew in their hearts that even if both of them had committed suicide, their children would not be able to accept this reality.

At the same time, the Wade family will certainly be held responsible for this blood debt.

As the saying goes, the revenge of their parents cannot be shared, so these members of the Wade family’s direct lineage, hearing this, were already desperate to the extreme.

Corran was inwardly fearful, but in order to be able to shake off his involvement, he could not help but come forward and nervously blurt out, “This little brother, we naturally know about Wan Liancheng’s matter, but to be honest, the one who had a conflict with Wan Liancheng back then was my second brother Bruce wade, it had nothing to do with us ……”

Saying that, Corran swallowed and added: “Moreover, although Wan Liancheng and his wife left early and unfortunately, but my second brother and sister-in-law also died tragically in Aurous Hill shortly after that, as the saying goes, there is a debt for every injustice, my second brother died nearly twenty years ago, this matter, that temple master of yours should not come to us anyway ……”

Lu Haotian sneered, “Our temple master said, back then, although the matter was done by Bruce wade, but Bruce wade represented your entire Wade family, and called on the resources of the Wade family, so this matter, everyone in the Wade family is responsible!”

Saying this, Lu Haotian gave a slight pause and said in a loud voice, “Now, it’s time for your Wade Family to pay the price!”

Lord wade’s mind was in a panic, but he still held himself together and said, “The Wade family is indeed responsible for the death of Wan Liancheng, my son Bruce wade also sighed when he heard the news of his death, saying that he did not kill Bo Ren, but Bo Ren died because of him, so it is hard to take the blame ……”

At this point, Lord wade said with a bit of pleading, “But please, for the sake of my son Bruce wade, who has been dead for almost 20 years, please give me a higher hand! If you are willing to forgive the Wade family, the Wade family is willing to give ten billion dollars in cash in return!”

Although Lord wade felt that Wan Liancheng’s suicide was purely his own fault and had nothing to do with the Wade family, the Wade family did not need to take any responsibility for it.

But in his heart, he also understood that it was impossible to be absolutely objective when the death of his parents was placed in the hands of any person.

Wan Liancheng and his wife had lost their entire fortune in a regular casino and then chose to commit suicide.

Although they were willing to gamble and lose, and although the casino was open and honest, their children would have hated the casino.

So, in this situation, it is pointless to try to reason with the other party.

The only thing that could be done was to do everything possible to soothe the hatred within the other party.

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