The Real Dragon Chapter 3346

They, for one, just want to live.


Moreover, in their view, only money is what needs to be fleshed out, nothing else matters.


At this moment, when Lord wade saw that so many of his sons and daughters had fallen on their sword, his heart was even more painful.


He did not expect that none of his sons and daughters could put the family’s dignity first.


All they wanted was to live.


This made him feel incomparably sad.


When he thought of this, he could not help but rebuke with a face full of pain, “You all persuaded me to agree one by one, but have you ever thought that they want Bruce wade’s casket? Bruce wade was your brother, how could you give his coffin to others and allow them to trample on it? If that’s the case, even if you can live on for a few more years or decades, how will you have the face to meet Bruce wade when you die?


Lu Haotian puffed on his cigar, then yawned again and said with a smile, “Aiya, it’s still the old man who has the insight, the main thing of our temple is to bruise Bruce wade to dust!”


Hearing these words, Charlie wade had a strong urge in his heart to rip Lu Hao Tian’s dog’s head off his neck!


However, he still held back the impulse in his heart, and at the same time admonished himself in his heart, “Hold on, you must hold on! A little intolerance is a big mistake! If I move against Lu Haotian today, that Wan Bajun will never bring his parents’ coffin up to Wade Ling Mountain early tomorrow morning!”


At this moment, Christine, once he heard Lu Haotian’s words, lowered his head in embarra*sment.


However, Corran said with a serious face, “Dad! Bruce wade is already dead! As the saying goes, a person’s death is like a lamp going out, there is nothing left but a coffin and a tombstone, but we are still alive! We are all still flesh and blood, shouldn’t we think of the living?!”


Feb wade also said, “Yes, Grandpa! It was my second uncle who caused the trouble, and now that he’s seeking revenge, there’s no reason for us to take the blame for him!”


After saying that, he was even more righteously indignant and looked at Charlie wade, gritting his teeth and said, “Even if someone really has to take the blame, it should be Charlie wade, after all, he is my second uncle’s ……”


Before Feb wade finished speaking, Lord wade angrily raised his hand and slapped him across the face, shouting angrily, “B*****d! You shut up!”


After saying that, he said with a look of hatred, “All of you are greedy and afraid of death! If my son Bruce wade were still alive, he would never be as spineless as you are!”


As he said this, two hot tears rolled down Lord wade’s face.


At this moment, he was completely disappointed in these sons and grandsons of his.


Feb wade had just deliberately wanted to expose Charlie wade’s identity as Bruce wade’s own son so that he could lead the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to divert hatred, but he didn’t expect to be slapped fiercely by the old man before he could finish his words.


He was so indignant in his heart that he almost blurted out Charlie wade’s identity, but his father, Corran, glared at him from the side and shouted sternly, ”You rebellious son! Shut your mouth now!”


Corran knew very well in his heart that even if he sold Charlie wade out in public at this point, it was unlikely that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall would let the rest of the Wade family off the hook for it.


But it was likely that it would completely anger the old master as a result.


Don’t look at the fact that the old man had rejected the other side now, but the only way back was still in the old man’s hands.


In case the old master figured it out and agreed to the conditions of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall with a bite of his teeth, then when the storm had pa*sed, the old master, as the head of the Wade family, would still hold half of the Wade family’s a*sets.


But at that time, Feb wade, who had betrayed Charlie wade, would never be able to gain the old master’s reappointment again, and even he would be dragged down by him.


Therefore, he did not want his son to break his own back at this time.


Feb wade was reprimanded by his father and immediately did not dare to say anything more.


Lord wade didn’t even bother to look at him at this moment, he turned to Charlie wade and asked: “Charlie …… What do you think should happen in this situation today?”

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