The Real Dragon Chapter 3350

However, at this time, Lord wade suddenly raised his hand and slapped him across the face, cursing angrily, “You’re an accomplished ba sta rd! Did you take what I just said as a deaf ear? If you don’t want to do it, get the hell out of the Wade Family! At a time of life and death for the Wade Family, I won’t show mercy to anyone who dares to act rudely, even if they are my own son!”

Just now, Feb wade was thinking of theorising with Charlie wade, but he didn’t expect to receive a slap from the old man immediately afterwards, at this time, tears of aggression rolled down his eyes, but he didn’t dare to say one more word.

Seeing this, Jackson at the side was also flustered in his heart, so he hurriedly took a stand and said, “Grandpa! I’ll go now!”

Corran saw that Jackson had taken a stand, but his stupid son was still in tears of grievance.

Feb wade completely collapsed and could only wipe his tears while running after Jackson towards the gate.

At this time, Charlie wade said, “Please move to the main hall, let’s get on with our business!”

The rest of the wade family could do nothing at this point, and even though they were terrified deep down, they could only follow Charlie wade’s request and return to the main hall of the villa to continue discussing the ancestral ritual.

However, everyone else was distracted the whole time.

Charlie wade was the only one who followed the steps that the wade family had previously laid out, confirming clearly with the people in charge step by step, asking them to make sure that they did their jobs according to the prescribed process, or else they would be severely punished!

Just as Charlie wade was still forcibly leading the wade family to sort out the process of the Ancestral Ritual Ceremony, word of what had just happened to the wade family had already spread through Eastcliff.

When they heard that someone had brought hundreds of coffins to kill the wade family and had killed the wade family’s guards, the entire Eastcliff clans were extremely shocked!

Everyone wanted to know what the origins of this group of people who had killed into the wade family were, that they did not even put the top families in the country in their sights.

At this time, Lu Haotian also returned to the Wan Family’s old residence and reported the situation at the Wade Family just now, to Wan Breaking Jun in detail.

Wan Breaking Jun sneered and asked him, “According to your observation, are the wade family people afraid?”

Lu Haotian hurriedly said, “Naturally, they were scared, the majority of the wade family were so scared that their faces were blue, they almost P*ssed their f*cking trousers.”

I don’t know if he’s prepared to kneel in mourning, or if he’s prepared to risk his life and fight us hard. ”

“Whatever.” If the wade family kneels, we’ll bury my parents in a big funeral. If the wade family does not kneel, then we will break their legs and make them kneel, then we will bury my parents in a beautiful funeral!”

After saying that, Wan Bajun sneered and said, “Hao Tian, by now the whole Eastcliff must be wondering who is behind everything that happened to the wade family today, so you should order someone to spread the word throughout Eastcliff that Wan Bajun, the son of Wan Lian Cheng and his wife and the master of the Wan Long Hall, has returned!”

Lu Haotian nodded, “Yes, Hall Master! I’m on my way!”

Wan Bajun called out to him, “Come back, there is one more thing.”

Lu Haotian said respectfully, “Speak, Hall Master!”

Wan Bajun said coldly, “Put the word out that whoever dares to help the wade family out will be my deadly enemy, Wan Bajun! Let all the great clans in Eastcliff, and even the whole country, weigh themselves before they decide to help the wade family! If there is anyone who is not afraid of death, stand out and try!”

At this point, Wan Bajun smiled coldly and said playfully, “I want the Wade Family to be isolated and helpless!”

Lu Haotian immediately said, “I understand, Hall Master! I’ll go do it now!”

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