The Real Dragon Chapter 3359


When the entire Eastcliff, all thought that the Wade family only had this last night left, Charlie wade had already finished finalising the entire process of the Ancestral Ritual with the Wade family.

Although all the Wade family members were distracted, they could only push forward with their heads held high.

When all the processes were finalised, Charlie wade stood up and spoke, “All of you rest early tonight, tomorrow every step must be carried out according to the process, whoever makes a mistake on such an important matter, don’t blame me, Charlie wade, for turning the other cheek!”

Corran couldn’t help but stifle his wrist, “The ancestral ceremony is fine, but what about Wan Bajun? Tomorrow morning at eight o’clock he will be on Mount Wade Ling, how can we fight with him?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “What to fight him with is not your concern, nor is it the concern of every one of you sitting here.”

Myles asked offhandedly, “From what you’re saying, you can handle Wan Breaking Army and Wan Long Hall all by yourself?”

“Of course.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “Tomorrow morning at mid-seven o’clock, everyone must a*semble on Wade Ling Mountain, no one may be a minute late! Isn’t Wan Bajun coming at eight o’clock? Against him, one hour is enough, so our Ancestral Ritual Ceremony officially starts at nine o’clock!”

“Rub ……” Feb wade, who had been slapped several times and had finally been honest all afternoon, could not sit still again when he heard Charlie wade’s words and stood up and said angrily, “Charlie wade! I can’t f*cking stand it anymore! What time is it that you’re still acting like a p*ssy? Tomorrow is the day of our death! How can you still be here talking about how you can take care of Wan Bajun in an hour?”

Charlie wade looked at him with a frown and asked, “Did you not get slapped enough?”

Feb wade trembled in fear, but still said with a stiff neck, “I’m not saying these words for myself, I’m saying them for the whole Wade family! I won’t allow the Wade family to be sent to its doom by you!”

Charlie wade ignored him and looked at Jackson beside him, saying in a cold voice, “Jackson! Slap his mouth for me!”

“What did you say ……” Jackson asked with a dumbfounded expression, “Why me? I won’t do it!”

Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “You don’t want to do it, do you? Fine, pack your things and get out of the Wade family tonight and never come back!”

“What?!” Jackson stood up with a start and said angrily, “Why should I get out of the Wade family!”

Charlie wade’s face was expressionless as he asked in return, “It’s been a day, don’t you know who is in charge of the Wade family now?”

Jackson looked at Lord wade and said aggressively, “Grandpa …… Charlie wade, he has gone too far! Isn’t this using a chicken feather as an arrow?!”

Lord wade, who had been watching coldly, couldn’t help but be furious at this time and questioned him, “You treat what I said as chicken feathers?! I have already said that at this special moment, everything in the Wade family is up to Charlie, are you deaf or are you deliberately pretending not to understand? Or are you all unconvinced by what I have said as I grow older?”

Everyone in the Wade family was stunned by the old man’s outburst of anger.

Lord wade looked at Jackson and said coldly, “Charlie has just said, if you don’t do as you’re told, pack up your things and get out immediately! It’s useless for anyone to beg for mercy!”

When Jackson’s father, Myles, heard this, he looked at Jackson anxiously and yelled, “Are you still f*cking standing there? Do you really want to get lost?”

Jackson was also stunned, if he was really kicked out of the Wade family, what hope would he have in his life?

So, almost without thinking, he directly raised his hand and jerked it towards Feb wade’s face.

Feb wade was also stunned by Lord wade’s aura and didn’t even notice that his cousin Jackson, who had always followed his a*s and kneeled down to lick himself, had actually raised his hand and smacked him!


The sound of a crisp slap echoed in the hall.

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