The Real Dragon Chapter 3375

Five o’clock the following morning.

It had rained all night, and the humid climate unique to the Qingming season had cast a light mist over the early morning in Eastcliff.

After spending the night in front of his parents’ grave, Wan Bajun forced out all the residual alcohol from his body and burned three incense sticks and kowtowed three times in front of his parents’ grave.

With that, he said with a resolute expression, “Dad! Mum! I’m going to disturb your long sleep! I hope you can forgive me when you know that you are dead! Today, I am going to move you two to the Wanling Mountain, which will be your new resting place!”

With these words, his eyes filled with tears, he choked up and said, “Dad and Mom! Broken Army will avenge you both today! I will bury the bones of that Bruce wade in front of you! I hope your spirits in heaven can see this!”

With that, Wan Bajun stood up and said to his men, “Prepare the coffin!”

“As you command, Hall Master!”

The men around him were all dressed in all-white mourning clothes.

Today, like Wan Breaking Jun, they were the mourning sons of the Wan family, and were to escort the coffins of Wan Breaking Jun’s parents all the way up to Wade Ling Mountain.

For today’s spectacle, Wan Bajun also hired a troupe specialising in white ceremonies to set off with the team at seven o’clock sharp.

At six o’clock, the coffins of Wan Breaking Jun’s parents had been carefully lifted out of the mud and cleaned up by Wan Breaking Jun’s own hands.

Immediately afterwards, eight five-star warriors from Wan Long Hall tied thick hemp ropes around the two coffins, which would later be lifted by the eight of them and hiked up to Wade Ling Mountain.

Charlie wade, who had not slept all night, could not feel any fatigue at this moment.

His body was filled with powerful spiritual energy, which made him confident deep inside.

At exactly six o’clock, Stephanie’s mobile phone rang in her head, and she, who had slept on Charlie wade’s shoulder all night, immediately woke up like a lightning bolt, then seeing Charlie wade still by her side, she was relieved and opened her mouth to ask: “When did you wake up, brother Charlie wade?”

Charlie wade smiled faintly, “I just woke up.”

Stephanie was busy standing up, moving her somewhat stiff torso, and asked him, “Brother Charlie wade, when are you leaving today?”

Charlie wade looked at the time and smiled, “Soon, housekeeper Stephen will pick me up in twenty minutes, and I have to be at Wade Ling Mountain by seven o’clock.”

“Good!” Stephanie busily said, “Then I’ll go wash up now!”

At that moment, Lord Orrin and his wife also walked out.

Although Lord Orrin was drunk last night, he had woken up early today and was in excellent spirits.

When he saw Charlie wade, Lord Orrin said with a smile, “Charlie, are you ready?”

Charlie wade smiled and said, “Always ready.”

Lord Orrin nodded and said excitedly, “Then your Auntie Angie and I will accompany you up Wade Ling Mountain!”

Stephanie looked at her dad and said offhandedly, “Dad! I want to go too!”

Lord Orrin laughed, “You’ll have to ask Charlie about that, I’m not the one to say!”

Stephanie hurriedly hugged Charlie wade’s arm and pouted, “Brother Charlie wade, please just take me with you!”

Charlie wade nodded and said, “It’s okay to go, but you must be obedient and must stay honestly by my side, remember?”

Stephanie said excitedly, “I remember, I remember! Brother Charlie wade, don’t worry, I will stay by your side honestly!”

Charlie wade smiled faintly, “Okay, go wash up, the car will arrive in twenty minutes.”


At this moment.

The Wade family.

Everyone in the Wade family hadn’t slept last night.

Charlie wade’s answer of “half” had kept Lord wade tossing and turning all night.

Although Stephen Thompson was already resting on his laurels, he was also excited and did not close his eyes all night.

Last night, Corran and Myles discussed the matter quietly. They were all afraid that Master Wade might get hot under the collar today at Wade Lingshan Mountain and then fight to the death with Wan Bajun.

Therefore, they sent Jackson out overnight to buy a batch of mourning clothes, which they planned to take with them to Wade Ling Mountain.

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