The Real Dragon Chapter 3382

The crowd also shouted in unison, “god will k i l l god, Buddha will kill Buddha!”

Wan Bajun whirled around and said in a loud voice, “All of you, let’s go!!!”

After saying this, he slammed the fire bowl in his hand onto the ground, and with a bang, black ash splashed everywhere.

Immediately afterwards, eight five-star war generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, clad in sackcloth and mourning, lifted up the two coffins.

And the hundred or so experts of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, amidst the sound of the suona squad’s blowing, marched with solemn expressions in a neat and tidy pace towards Wade Ling Mountain!


At this moment, on Wade Ling Mountain.

The Wade family were staring at the hands on their respective watches.

The time left for them was already less than an hour.

Corran was getting more and more restless, his eyes always peeking at the huge pile of supplies prepared for the ancestral ritual not far away.

The mourning clothes he had asked his son to sneak out and buy last night were hidden among them, so if things went wrong later, he would hurry over and take them out and put them on.

At that very moment, another message came from the old section at the bottom of Wade Ling Mountain, saying, “The Banks family’s First Mistress and First Lady are here, asking to come up the mountain to see the young master!”

The Wade family could not help but be a little surprised.

They couldn’t figure out why Deana and Zara had come back here.

Charlie wade also did not expect that these two mothers and daughters had come too, so he spoke, “Let them come up.”

YamaSh*ta received the order and immediately let them go.

Soon, Zara drove the car and drove her mother all the way up the mountain.

When the car stopped, she immediately got out and came to Charlie wade, saying respectfully, “Your Grace!”

Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “Why are you here?”

Zara said, “I heard that you were in some trouble, so my mother and I rushed over to help.”

Deana also walked up to Charlie wade and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I had some acquaintance with Wan Liancheng and his wife and Wan Bajun back then, so when he comes later, I should be able to say a few words, and I hope I can be of some help to you.”

These words from Deana caused many members of the Wade family to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

This was because they all knew very well that back then, Wan Liancheng had relied on Zayne’s help to climb up a little.

Therefore, the Wan family had always had great respect for Zayne.

And Deana and Zayne had not yet officially divorced, and she was still the first wife of the Banks family.

When Wan Bajun came up to kill him, if Deana came out to plead for mercy, then I thought for sure he would give Deana some face.

At this time, Lord wade could not help but sigh: “Deana! It’s hard for you to come all the way here for the Wade family!”

Deana said seriously, “Uncle Wade, both Zara and I owe our lives to Mr. Wade, so naturally we have to do our best to help at a time like this.”

The other Wade family members were all a little puzzled, not realising that Charlie wade had even saved Deana and Zara.

But when they thought about it, it was in Aurous Hill that Deana and Zara’s mother had an accident some time ago.

And Charlie wade had been developing in Aurous Hill, so he was considered to be the head of Aurous Hill’s land.

Therefore, it made sense to save the mother and daughter in Aurous Hill.

While the Wade family was relieved, Charlie wade shook his head helplessly and smiled, saying to Deana, “Auntie Deana, I appreciate your kindness, but when Wan Bajun arrives later, I don’t need you to plead for me, you just don’t plead for him in turn, I’ll be very grateful!”

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