The Real Dragon Chapter 3388

The funeral procession of a hundred people moved at a very fast pace.

Even with two coffins at the front of the group, the speed of the march was similar to that of a brisk march.

The men all wore the same tactical leather boots, and as they walked quickly on the concrete, they made a neat and uniform sound of footsteps that resonated throughout the valley.

Amongst the group was an old man, who was already panting from exhaustion as he followed the group at a brisk pace.

But the young men around him did not give him a chance to stop and catch their breath, instead they kept urging him to continue walking faster, and some even pushed him when he was about to fall out of line, or roughly pulled the sisal rope on his mourning clothes and forced him to move forward.

This old man is Lord Banks.

At this moment, at the top of Wade Ling Mountain.

Charlie wade, as well as the others, had already seen the approaching group.

In the early morning sunlight, everyone could see the two striking black coffins, so everyone knew very well in their hearts that this group must be the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

The Wade family was immediately on the verge of a great enemy, each one fidgeting nervously.

Charlie wade, however, looked at this funeral procession from afar at the foot of the mountain, and a cold smile wiped across the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, Charlie wade secretly sighed in his heart, “Wan Bajun, you’ve finally arrived! Not only have I waited anxiously for you, your general Jerold, and your Wan family’s benefactor Zayne, have also been waiting for you for many days!”

With this in mind, Charlie wade then said to Stephen Thompson, “Housekeeper Stephen, pa*s on my order for the uncles at the bottom of the mountain to give way to the road up the mountain, no one is allowed to disobey!”

“Yes!” Stephen Thompson immediately informed the people below the mountain to make sure they gave way.

Although these people were indignant in their hearts, since it was Charlie wade’s order, all of them could only do as they were told.

So, they moved to both sides and made way for the mountain.

The leader of the group, Wan Bajun, stepped forward, and when he pa*sed by these people, he just glanced at them and saw that they did not stop him, so he did not look at them anymore and stepped towards the ancestral tomb of the Wade family halfway up the mountain!

The road up the mountain was part of the foundation work for the Wade family’s construction of Wade Ling Mountain at great expense.

The whole road was so wide and flat that even the lowest cha*sis supercar could easily drive up it.

Therefore, the group of people from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple walked up the mountain as if they were on smooth ground.


Wan Bajun led the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and they came over the last bend in the road with great vigour, directly facing the Chinese white jade pagoda of the Wade family’s ancestral tomb!

This group of well-trained experts of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, all of them full of murderous aura, marched like a ceremonial procession, each step neat and powerful, and the closer they got, the more shocking it became.

At this moment, when he saw two to three hundred people from the Wade family a*sembled here, and none of them were wearing mourning, he was furious, and his eyes were already full of killing intent.

Next to him, Lu Haotian also saw that no one from the Wade family was wearing mourning and said in exasperation, “Hall Master, you left the Wade family a chance to live, but it seems that they don’t want it!”

Wan Bajun sneered, “It doesn’t matter, since they don’t want it, then today we will first strip the Wade family’s ancestral graves, bury the bones of Bruce wade, and then bury my parents in a grand manner! After today, we will kill all the Wade family members one by one!”

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