The Real Dragon Chapter 3391

Everyone at the scene did not expect that Charlie wade would not be afraid at all when he met Wan Bajun.

The few people from the Wade family who were wearing mourning clothes almost cursed in their hearts at the same time, saying that Charlie wade had simply never had enough of death.

Wan Bajun has already killed in front of his face, but he still dares to say such pretentious words, this is really a f*cking lamp into the toilet, f*cking looking for death ……

Even Lord wade was so scared that his liver trembled, fearing that if Charlie wade annoyed Wan Bajun and the other side killed him directly, then everything would be over.

And Wan Breaking Jun was even more furious.

He really didn’t think that there was anyone in the Wade family who dared to talk to him like that!

So, he asked in a cold voice, ”Kid! You’re a bit too arrogant, if you don’t know how to write the word death, I can teach you!”

Charlie wade laughed, “No need, I can write the character for death, I can carve your head for free later.”

After saying that, he asked in a loud voice, “Where is Don Albert?”

Don Albert immediately raised his hand and said in a loud voice, “Master Wade, I am here!”

Without turning around, Charlie wade smiled at Wan Breaking Jun and asked Don Albert, “Do you have your sword with you?”

“Yes!” Don Albert said in a loud voice, “Master Wade, are you going to let me carve his head later?”

“That’s right!” Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “You’re still the most on top of things!”

“That’s for sure.” Don Albert said with a smirk, “Master Wade, we, Gao Low, have also practiced this human calligraphy, we have experience!”

Wan Bajun’s face had turned iron blue for a while.

His fists were clenched tightly, he could not wait to rush up and kill Charlie wade immediately.

Just as he was almost on the verge of losing control, Lu Haotian, who was at the side, pointed at Charlie wade and cursed in a cold voice, “Kid! It’s you again! You were the most arrogant yesterday! Now you dare to shout at our Hall Master! You’re really f*cking tired of living!”

As he said, he gritted his teeth and said, “I said yesterday, if I don’t see you kneeling here in mourning today, I’ll be the first to kill you! Take your life!”

As soon as Lu Haotian’s words fell, he was suddenly about to rush towards Charlie wade and lash out at him.

However, at this time, Wan Bajun suddenly pulled him, making him unable to move his entire body.

Immediately afterwards, Wan Bajun stared at Charlie wade and said expressionlessly, “Kid, I see that you look a bit familiar, which one of the Wade family are you? Who is your father?”

Charlie wade put away his smile and said in a cold voice, “My name is Charlie wade! My father is Bruce wade!”

“Hiss ……” When Wan Bajun heard the words Bruce wade, he immediately gritted his teeth and took a long breath!

Lord Banks on the side was also stunned!

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that Bruce wade’s son would still be alive after being missing for so many years, and that he had even returned to the Wade family!

At this moment, Wan Bajun looked at Charlie wade with a fierce smile on his face and said with a bit of excitement, “I thought you looked so familiar! It’s true that you look like Bruce wade!”

After saying that, he suddenly laughed long and loudly, with a bit of madness, “Hahaha! I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I’ve been thinking, thinking, thinking about how I can get back at Bruce wade after all these years of his death! The best thing I could think of was to dig out his coffin and bury him in his bones! But to my surprise, his son is still alive!”

Immediately afterwards, Wan Bajun put away his smile and stared at Charlie wade like a dead man as he coldly said, “Today, I’ll chop off your head in front of Bruce wade’s grave! I will let his soul never rest in peace and never be reborn in the eighteenth level of hell!”

Charlie wade was enraged by his words, but did not immediately take action, but said indifferently, “Remember, villains usually die from talking too much!”

Lu Haotian couldn’t stand it and blurted out, “Charlie wade, you really don’t see the coffin and won’t shed a tear! To deal with trash like you, there’s no need for our temple to take action, I’ll kill you!”

Wan Bajun shouted sternly, “Shut up! He’s the son of my father’s enemy, I’ll kill him with my own hands to relieve my hatred!”

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