The Real Dragon Chapter 3407

At this moment, Zayne let out a long sigh and said very seriously to Wan Bajun: “Bajun …… What Charlie wade just said is correct …… The death of your parents really had nothing to do with his father ……”

Wan Breaking Jun questioned tearfully, “Uncle Banks, my father went against Bruce wade back then to defend you, and today his and my mother’s coffins are here, aren’t you afraid that they will be chilled if you say that?”

Zayne lamented helplessly, “Even if I were to die today and go over there and see your parents, I would still say that.”

At this point in the conversation, Zayne gave a slight beat and continued, “Back then, the Anti-Wade Alliance, itself, was an immoral existence, Bruce wade has always been decent, and this person is not only decent, but also extremely capable, so much so that so many of our families have been under his shadow for a long time ……”

“Therefore, those of us who are inferior to him have formed the Anti-Wade Alliance in order to contain him, so from this point of view, we have been at fault in the first place ……”

“Moreover, back then, your father was extremely attached to the Anti-Wade Alliance in order to cater to me, and always wanted to find an opportunity to prove himself by striking at Bruce wade ……”

“It just so happened that those years foreign trade, as well as the entire international futures market were extremely volatile, food, crude oil and various precious metals were all in great turmoil, many people got rich overnight and many went bankrupt overnight, your father thought he had a good grasp of the international situation, so he took the initiative to join the futures market and prepared to snipe Bruce wade, but the result was simply not Bruce wade’s match ……”

“When your father’s loss reached 80 percent, Bruce wade even called him and advised him to stop, but your father felt at that time that Bruce wade was deliberately forcing him to cut his meat and leave the market, so in order to be able to win, he even financed a lot of money outside at high interest rates and wanted to fight Bruce wade to the death ……”

“In the end, the result was that your father lost all of his a*sets, while also owing billions of dollars in outside debts, he couldn’t afford such a major defeat, that’s why he chose to commit suicide ……”

Speaking of this, Zayne let out a light sigh and added, “As for your mother …… The reason why she took poison and committed suicide on the day of your father’s first seventh day was because the debt collectors at that time had already chased your mother to your father’s grave in order to force her to pay back the money, billions of dollars of debt, to be honest I could not do anything about it, in the end your mother was desperate and chose to take her own life ……”

Zayne paused for a moment, looked at Wan Bajun and sighed with emotion, “Bajun, as a witness, I can say something absolutely fair, the death of your parents really had nothing to do with Bruce wade! The only thing to blame is that your father was too greedy and adventurous, even I was no match for Bruce wade, yet he misjudged the situation and thought he could defeat Bruce wade, to put it mildly, he was just like you who think you can defeat Charlie wade today ……”

Speaking of this, Zayne said with an extremely painful and regretful expression, “Broken Jun, you’ve been able to make it as far as the head of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall overseas, you’re already quite good, why don’t you do well overseas and continue to create your own career? Why were you blinded by your so-called hatred and ran back to your country to continue your fight with the Wade family? If you hadn’t come back, how could you have suffered this calamity ……”

Wan Bajun had completely collapsed at this point.

He fell to the ground with a poof and cried out loudly, “These twenty years …… I have fought hard every day, and all that has kept me going is to come back and avenge my parents’ death ……”

“But who would have thought that my father was defeated by Bruce wade back then, and I am defeated by Bruce wade’s son today ……”

“What’s even more ridiculous is that according to what you said just now, Uncle Banks, not only was Bruce wade not my father’s enemy, but he even tried to persuade my father to return to the right path, but it was my father himself who lost all of his strength and threw himself at it, and even indirectly dragged my mother to her death ……”

At this point, Wan Bajun propped his hands on the ground, tears and snot streaming down his face as he said in despair, “I can’t figure it out! I really can’t understand! I’ve been lying in wait overseas for the past twenty years …… What was it all for ……”

“In these twenty years, I dare not go back to my country, I dare not go to my parents’ graves to pay respects, whenever there is a Qingming Festival or their death anniversary, I can only burn some paper money abroad and cry a lot as a tribute ……”

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