The Real Dragon Chapter 3410

At this moment, Deana in the crowd had a sour nose and could not stand to see it, so she immediately stepped out from the crowd and looked at Charlie wade, pleading, for the sake that Broken Jun truly knows his mistake, please forgive him this time ……”

When Wan Bajun saw Deana, he instantly recognized her and was dumbfounded: “Thorne …… Auntie Thorne …… Why are you here too ……”

Deana looked at him with a sympathetic face and sighed, “Charlie wade saved me and Zara before, we mothers heard that you were going up to Wade Ling Mountain, we were worried that Charlie wade was in danger so we rushed over here overnight, originally we wanted to go out of our way to beg you for a favorable hand, but we didn’t expect …… Hey ……”

Wan broke the army tears completely can not stop, said miserably: “Sorry Aunt Thorne …… I’m sorry for giving you trouble …… I don’t ask Mr. Wade to let me go, I only ask him to let my parents go, a thousand mistakes, it’s all my fault, it’s my fault, it’s my mistake, it’s my inability to distinguish between right and wrong, it’s also my wild words, I want to bury Mr. Wade’s parents to the ground ……”

At this point, Wan Bajun lowered his head and said, choking to the point of trembling, “I also know that I deserve what Mr. Wade has done to me …… Even if he wants to return the favor to others, it is still my fault ……”

“But …… But I am so ashamed of my parents ……”

“All these years …… All these years I haven’t been able to come back to kowtow and burn incense to them ……”

“Now that I’ve finally returned, I’ve disturbed their spirits, removed them from the tomb, and now I’ve dragged them down to their bones after death ……”

“I …… I can’t forgive myself …… Even if I die, I can’t forgive myself ……”

Zayne was in tears as he turned around and knelt in front of Charlie wade, begging, “Mr. Wade, Broken Jun has already paid the price for his arrogance, just please spare him this time!”

Zara, who could not bear to look at this moment, spoke up, “Dad! Mum! Today’s matter is a personal grudge between your Excellency and Wan Bajun! And it was Wan Bajun who provoked him in the first place, so don’t kidnap him here now!”

Zara had always been clear about right and wrong.

Right is right!

Wrong, is wrong!!!

If one does something wrong, one has to bear all the consequences!

You, Wan Bajun, provoked first, and now you want to kowtow and beg for forgiveness after losing, why should others have to forgive you just because you kowtow?

Deana’s expression was even more confused when Zara said this, she let out a light sigh and spoke, “Zara, of course Broken Jun was at fault, but he has already paid the price for his mistake ……”

Zara nodded and said seriously, “It is true that he has paid the price, but whether the price paid is enough or not is not up to you and Dad, it is up to the benefactor!”

Wan Breaking Jun also choked in despair at this point, “Uncle Banks, Auntie Thorne, you two don’t have to plead for me, everything I’ve done today is self-inflicted, I can’t blame anyone ……”

Charlie wade, who had not spoken, saw that Wan Bajun had become completely desperate, and at this time suddenly spoke indifferently, “Wan Bajun, whether to kill you and your men or not, or whether to bruise your parents to ashes, all is at my whim! I can reject you in a ruthless manner, or I can let you go, but why should I do so?”

Wan Bajun was still kneeling on the ground at this moment, his whole head was already broken and bleeding, and the rough mourning clothes on his body were soaked with blood, which was unbearable, but he still forced himself to endure the severe pain and blurted out, “If Mr. Wade can give me and my parents a higher hand, I, Wan Bajun, swear to heaven and to the spirits of my parents in heaven! I will follow Mr. Wade’s side and work as a cow and horse for him! I will be your servant for the rest of my life! Even if Mr. Wade asks me to jump off of Wade Ling Mountain now, I will not complain!”

Those generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall who were originally scared out of their wits were all heartbroken at the sight of Wan Bajun looking so miserable.

One of them suddenly knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Charlie wade, raising his head and shouting with a tear-stained face, “I beg you, Mr. Wade, to be more generous to the Hall Master’s parents, I, Jack, would like to be a cow and a horse for Mr. Wade in this life, to repay your great kindness!”

Immediately afterwards, another person knelt down and kowtowed, followed by a loud shout, “I, Justin, am also willing!”

“I, Roland, am also willing!”

There was even a female warrior from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall who also knelt down and kowtowed and choked, “I, Kexin, am also willing!”

With these few people at the beginning, almost all of the other Ten Thousand Dragon Hall soldiers knelt down, and the sound of clear and vigorous kowtowing resounded throughout Wade Ling Mountain!

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