The Real Dragon Chapter 3414

Hearing this, Wan Bajun bowed his head deeply, his entire body trembling violently as tears continued to roll and drip onto the ground.

He also wanted to live very much.

However, he was afraid that Charlie wade would not let him live, nor would he let his brothers live, and coupled with the need to preserve his parents’ decency and peace of mind, he could only choose to die.

However, a thought suddenly surged in his heart, “Charlie wade just suddenly turned the short blade in my hand into pieces, could it be, could it be that he intended to spare my life?!”

However, soon after, Wan Bajun sighed in his heart, “I’m afraid I’m overthinking it, I’ve been so disrespectful to Charlie wade’s parents, how could he spare my life? If I were in his shoes, then I would have killed myself long ago ……”

Charlie wade then went on to say, “Wan Xiaojun, you should know that people inherently die, but try to be remembered after death in order to prove that you once existed in this world.”

“Those sages and martyrs, thousands of years after their death, are still remembered, this is the highest level of meaning for a person to live one life;”

“Even if ordinary people cannot become sages and martyrs, they can at least leave their names on their family tree so that their children and grandchildren can remember them, just like my Wade family, the family tree has been pa*sed down for hundreds of years and every ancestor has their name on the family tree. ”

Speaking of this, Charlie wade looked at Wan Breaking Jun and said indifferently, “However, if you die today, your parents’ names will also be buried in the earth with you!”

“Perhaps in the decades after your death as the Lord of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, someone will still remember, but who will remember your parents? How sad is it that they are just thrown into the long river of history, never to be remembered again?”

Wan Xiaojun was ashamed to the core at this moment!

Originally, he had been prepared to die a generous death, but now he suddenly felt that if he died like this, he would not have the face to meet his parents and the ancestors of the Wan family after his death!

To him, Charlie wade’s words were like killing a man’s heart!

It made him suffer ten thousand times more than death!

Originally, he had felt that death was a kind of relief, a kind of self-salvation.

But now he realises that death is not a relief, not a salvation, but a shame to his parents and ancestors!

Because his death would cause his parents and his ancestors to disappear into the history books!

It would have made the Wan family, which had endured thousands of years of suffering, disappear into thin air!

The entire family would be left with no evidence of its existence and no meaning!

When he thought of this, his heart was worse than death.

So he raised his head and looked at Charlie wade with his extremely red and swollen eyes, looking at him with great devotion, and respectfully pleaded loudly, “Mr. Wade! I am willing to give everything! I only beg you to be generous and give me a chance to do my filial duty! I swear by my parents and the ancestors of the Wan family that I will do my utmost to serve Mr. Wade in this life, and I will not give up until I die!

Charlie wade knew that if he wanted to kill Wan Bajun, he had to do it with a clean slate, but if he didn’t kill him, if he wanted to take him for himself, he had to let him break and stand afterwards!

After all, this man was the head of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and he had been overseas for twenty years, and had managed to build a foundation of this size, so he was definitely a dragon among men.

If one only relied on strong pressure and intimidation to subdue him, then the pride and disobedience in his bones must still be there, and after lying in wait for a number of years, he would definitely still release it and stand against himself again.

Therefore, the best way is to shatter this person’s confidence all together!

Don’t you think you are very powerful? Then my strength can force you to break your own meridians without a fight!

Don’t you think that it doesn’t matter if you fail, that a single death will solve a thousand sorrows? Then I will show you that death is the most painful, most remorseful, most defeated and most cowardly choice in this world!

When you have no way out, all your pride and self-confidence will vanish.

As they say, a hundred refinements make a steel! Only by repeatedly quenching, repeatedly hammering, repeatedly destroying and rebuilding, can it be made into a sharp blade!

So, Charlie wade waved his hand at Wan Bajun and said indifferently, “It’s just that! I have just taken over the affairs of the Wade family, and there is a real shortage of manpower in the future. Since you have such a heart, I can spare your life and give you a chance to fulfil your filial duty, but you and all of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall must be loyal to me! In this life and in this world, you must not disobey any of my orders!”

After saying this, Charlie wade looked at Wan Bajun and the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall behind him and asked in a stern voice, “Are you, willing?”

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