The Real Dragon Chapter 3418

 When the vast majority of the Wade family heard this, they were all instantly frightened.

      Because they were all still carrying their mourning clothes in their clothes, the process of Charlie wade subduing the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall just now was so shocking that the gang had completely forgotten about the mourning clothes.

      Only when they were told by Charlie wade, did they remember that they still had a bomb tugged on them.

      The gang instantly panicked, not knowing what Charlie wade planned to do to them next.

      At this time, Charlie wade paid no further attention to the Wade family, but looked at the crowd of Ten Thousand Dragon Hall generals kneeling before him.

      In the middle of the crowd of generals, there was also a shivering old man mixed in. Although this old man was also kneeling on the ground, he had been looking to his left and right, as if he was looking for an opportunity to bolt.

      This man, was the Banks family head, Lord Banks.

      Lord Banks’s intestines were turning blue at this time, and he lamented in his heart, “If I had known that this Wan Breaking Jun was so unbearable in front of Charlie wade, I would never have come to Wade Lingshan even if I had been invited in a palanquin ……”

      ”As a result, I followed so far in mourning by myself, and ended up here and jumped into the fire ……”

      ”Now I don’t know how to end it, I don’t know if I can find a chance to quietly bail out ……”

      Just when Lord Banks was inwardly depressed, Charlie wade pointed at him in the crowd, who was also kneeling there in mourning and indiscriminately, and said indifferently, “Lord Banks, you old dog don’t think of slipping away either, give me an honest kneeling, I still have to settle accounts with you slowly!”

      Hearing this, Lord Banks was frightened and pleaded, “Mr. Wade …… Mr. Wade …… This …… I have nothing to do here, I …… I just came to pay my respects to Mr. and Mrs. Wan Liancheng, I don’t mean anything else!”

      Charlie wade frowned: “Come, explain to me, you worship the Wan Liancheng couple, why did you come to my Wade family ancestral tomb?”

      ”I …… I ……” Lord Banks didn’t know how to explain all of a sudden, panicking and trembling as if he instantly got Parkinson’s.

      Charlie wade questioned him, “What? You dare to come to my Wade family’s ancestral tomb in mourning and don’t have the guts to admit that you came to watch the show?”

      Lord Banks wept and forced himself to defend, “Mr. Wade, you really misunderstood me, I didn’t mean it ……”

      Charlie wade sneered, “You didn’t expect to come to see a big show, but the stage collapsed, right? Let me ask you, do you regret it now?”

      Lord Banks’s expression was even worse than his dead father’s, and he stammered, “Mr. Wade …… I …… I really didn’t come to watch the show …… I …… My son Zayne was very close to Mr. and Mrs. Wan Liancheng, so I came to pay my respects out of affection, but I just didn’t expect something like this to happen …… This is all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding ……”

      ”Misunderstanding?” Charlie wade questioned in a cold voice: “At this kind of time, you still think of strong words, I see that you, the Banks family head’s IQ is not high either!”

      Lord Banks had the heart to die and lamented in his heart, “It’s not a matter of my IQ, it’s that I really don’t have any good reasons anymore ……”

      Seeing his uncomfortable expression, Charlie wade pointed at the soldier of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall beside Lord Banks and said coldly, “You, slap his mouth for me fiercely!”

      ”My subordinate follows orders!” After that man finished speaking, he grabbed Lord Banks’s collar and slapped him several times with his mouth from left to right.

      Lord Banks was not used to this and cried out, “I am the head of the Banks family! I am a global business elite! I am the head of the Banks family! How can you treat me with such impunity!”

      Charlie wade sneered and said indifferently, “The Banks family head? Sorry, you used to be, but now you’re not!”

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