The Real Dragon Chapter 3421

For Charlie wade, it was not that the opportunity was not left for Lord Banks, but since he could not grasp it, it was not a good idea for him to show no mercy.

Although the Maldives was not economically developed, it was at least a global holiday destination. As for Madagascar, an African island country that was one of the least developed countries in the world, the conditions were naturally a million times tougher than the Maldives.

As soon as Lord Banks heard this, he also became anxious and said offhandedly, “You …… How can you change your mind when you say …… So many people listened to you just now clearly talking about the Maldives, how now suddenly become Madagascar again? You …… Aren’t you breaking your word?”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “Don’t you understand what a floating price is? It’s just like speculating in stocks, the Maldives was the price just now, the current price is Madagascar, I suggest you better hurry up and say yes, otherwise it might turn into Congo or Zimbabwe later.”

Lord Banks wanted to cry, “Even stocks don’t drop this much, right? From up to down, it’s at most a 20 percent float, you’ve shrunk 99.99 percent!”

Charlie wade ignored him and looked at Zayne, asking him, “Is your father usually this poor?”

Zayne was so embarra*sed that he hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, my dad he’s not usually like this, he must have been too stimulated today ……”

After saying that, he hurriedly said to Lord Banks, “Dad! You just quickly don’t ink, if you don’t agree, I’m afraid I really have to go to Zimbabwe!”

Lord Banks’s heart at this time was a million times more reluctant, but as soon as he thought of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, he was immediately abashed.

Even if someone wanted to help him out, he would not be able to move forward once he came to the court of a foreign mercenary group like the Ten Thousand Dragons.

Therefore, he was also clear that the current Charlie wade was definitely not scaring himself, right now he was in Wade Ling Mountain, unable to answer to the call of the day, unable to answer to the call of the ground, apart from accepting all his conditions, it was almost impossible to have any other choice.

Thinking of this, he burst into old tears and spoke, “Good …… I accept ……”

Charlie wade nodded and said, “It’s good if you accept then, tomorrow I’ll have someone from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple take you to Madagascar, and then leave a few people for you to protect your safety closely, that kind of place is economically underdeveloped and the security is not too good, you know.”

Lord Banks choked back a sob and asked, “What about my food, clothing and shelter?”

“This is a good idea.” Charlie wade said lightly, “You can honestly and painfully pa*s the family headship to Zara, let Zara invest some money, buy you a larger piece of land in Madagascar, and build you a manor house, and hire you dozens of family guards. If you have a more competent housekeeper or subordinate, you can also bring them along with you, so that at least you can ensure that your quality of life in Madagascar will not deteriorate too much.”

Saying that, Charlie wade reminded very seriously, “You have to remember that this is based on your complete cooperation, if you don’t cooperate, then sorry, then a thatched hut will be built for you on the plains of Madagascar, and you will be there to keep the monkeys company. ”

As soon as Lord Banks heard this, he said offhandedly, almost without hesitation, “I’ll cooperate! I’ll cooperate! I will absolutely cooperate!”

Charlie wade’s words gave Lord Banks a ray of hope.

Originally, he thought that Charlie wade would let him go to Madagascar to live a miserable life, but to his surprise, he was even allowed to be a landlord over there.

If that was true, it would simply be a village in the dark.

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