The Real Dragon Chapter 3423

Charlie wade did not mean to scare Lord Banks either.

Before today, he had originally wanted to kill Wan Bajun and Lord Banks together.

Only, he had changed his mind after Wan Bajun had gone up Wade Ling Mountain.

He knew that Wan Bajun was too arrogant, but at least he still had a filial heart for his parents and a righteousness towards his comrades.

When he thought of his own future plans to go to Europe and the United States, he had to have a strong enough team, which was why he changed his mind and took Wan Bajun and the entire Wan Long Temple under his wing.

Since he had already taken in Wan Bajun, there was no point in killing Lord Banks, an old man, alone, so he might as well force him to give up his position to Zara, so as to solve the Banks family’s big problem once and for all.

Charlie wade believed in Zara’s character and her ability. He was able to put her in the position of family head, and she would definitely be able to take care of everything inside and outside the Banks family.

At that time, the Banks family would no longer be the Wade family’s enemy, but Charlie wade’s ally.

Lord Banks also understood what Charlie wade was thinking, his mind completely calmed down, looked at Zara and said seriously, “Zara, Mr. Wade is right, there is indeed no one in the entire Banks family more suitable than you to sit in this position, I will complete all the formalities as soon as possible and hand over the Banks family to you completely, the fate of the Banks family will depend on you to lead it from now on!”

Zara hesitated for a moment and spoke, “Grandpa I understand.”

After saying that, she looked towards Charlie wade and said reverently and firmly, “Please rest a*sured, my benefactor, I will do my best!”

Charlie wade nodded slightly and said, “In that case, then let’s wait until the formalities are signed later today.”

After saying that, Charlie wade looked at Zayne again and spoke, “And you, as I said before, this time Qingming asked you to come back, in addition to the confession will be pa*sed in front of my parents, but also to finish all the divorce formalities with Auntie Deana, later today I will also have someone prepare the relevant formalities and bring them to you to sign.”

Zayne had long known that this marriage between himself and Deana was no longer possible to salvage.

Moreover, with Charlie wade here to exert pressure, it was simply impossible for him to drag it out if he wanted to.

So, he nodded his head decadently and poured, “Okay …… I’ll sign ……”

After saying that, he asked Charlie wade with an expectant face, “Mr. Wade, you said at first that you would let me come back as long as Zara sat as the head of the Banks family within three years, now that Zara will soon inherit the Banks family, it’s time to let me come back, right?”

Charlie wade nodded and said, “I did say that at first, and it’s fine if you want to come back, but in order to avoid any interference from you in Zara’s next decision, even if you come back, you must be monitored by people living under my arrangement, and the location must also be decided by me.”

Zayne cried out, “Mr. Wade, you …… You are a bit inappropriate, right …… It was clearly stated before that as long as Zara became the head of the family, I would be set free ……”

Charlie wade said in a cold voice: “Don’t you forget who made this matter of Zara becoming the head of the family possible.”

After saying that, he added, “Since you want to bite the bullet with me, it doesn’t matter.”

Charlie wade then looked at Lord Banks and said indifferently, “When Elder Banks signs the relevant documents this time, he will change the overall system of the Banks family by the way, so that in the future Zara is not the head of any Banks family, but the chairman of the Banks Group.”

How dare Lord Banks disobey Charlie wade, he hurriedly said, “No problem! No problem! Anyway, on a legal level, the title of family head doesn’t stand up, what really stands up is the position of chairman and how much voting power it has in the board of directors.”

Charlie wade nodded, looked at Zayne and spoke, “Then I’m sorry, your daughter is the chairman of the Banks Group this time, not the head of any Banks family, so it will only be hard for you to go back to Syria for a few more years, but don’t worry, I will say hello to Hamid and ask him to give you some more special care.”

Zayne trembled in fear and hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, I was wrong! I am willing to be put under residential surveillance! Even putting me under house arrest is fine with me, but don’t ever let me go back to Syria again, I’m really fed up with that place ……”

Charlie wade had expected him to give in and said indifferently, “Since you are willing to accept it, then after the Ancestral Ceremony is over, you will come back to Aurous Hill with me and I will arrange for you to be taken care of.”

As soon as Zayne heard this, he immediately knelt down on the ground, crying and begging, “Mr. Wade, please don’t send me to the dog farm ……”

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