The Real Dragon Chapter 3428

However, Charlie wade was not taking advantage of Wan Bajun for nothing.

      For from today onwards, Wan Bajun no longer had his own life.

      For all of his time and energy for the rest of his life would be spent on serving Charlie wade.

      Therefore, Charlie wade looked at him, nodded slightly and said indifferently, “Just remember this about yourself, otherwise, I can send you a chance and also beat you back to your original form!”

      Wan Bajun incomparably piously blurted out, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade! If my subordinate breaks the oath in the future, I will definitely die without a burial place!”

      Charlie wade nodded and looked at Lu Haotian, who had been ruined, and Jerold, who had been imprisoned, and said indifferently, “You two should reflect on yourselves in the next few days, and when you arrive at Aurous Hill, I will give you a chance to reform yourselves, so that you can all be restored to your former selves. !”

      When Lu Haotian heard this, he burst into tears and choked up, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Wade! My subordinates will definitely go through fire and water for you in the future ……”

      Jerold’s consciousness had long since been closed up again, and he stood mute for a while.

      But his consciousness trapped in his body was also excited beyond measure by now!

      To him, as long as this life begging and death begging could end, he would have no complaints whatsoever about what he was told to do.

      Wan Bajun did not expect that Charlie wade would spare his two comrades who had deep feelings for him, so he said gratefully, “Mr. Wade, they will definitely not forget your great kindness!”

      Charlie wade nodded slightly and said, “Listen, about today’s incident, Wan Long Hall and the Wade family will later release the news together, saying that the misunderstanding between the two families has been completely lifted, and in the future, Wan Long Hall and the Wade family will clear their differences and will no longer have any old or new grudges.

      Wan Bajun immediately said, “My subordinates will announce it to the public later!”

      Charlie wade nodded and said, “At that time, the outside world will definitely speculate on how the Wade family escaped this calamity, so Wan Long Hall will then release the news to the public, saying that the Wade family gave half of the Wade Group’s equity to Wan Long Hall in exchange for Wan Long Hall’s understanding!”

      Wan Bajun and all the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall were extremely puzzled, no one understood why Charlie wade, who had clearly won a great victory over the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, had to declare to the public that it was the Wade family that had given in to the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

      But Wan Bajun understood that Charlie wade must have his reasons for doing so, and all he had to do was to carry out any orders he gave 100% and not to ask more questions.

      Thus, he immediately said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Mr Wade, my subordinate will definitely announce it to the public as you said!”

      Lord wade sounded puzzled and asked, “Charlie, this is the best opportunity for you to officially return to the Wade family, if you announce to the public that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has pledged its allegiance to you, then the Wade family’s popularity will be absolutely unmatched in the country, such a good opportunity, why do you instead want others to think that our Wade family has gone soft?”

      Charlie wade said indifferently, “The Ten Thousand Dragons Temple will be a surprise army in my hands in the future, if the news of subjugating the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple is just released directly, it will only add some false fame in vain, other than that, there will not be any benefit, on the contrary, it is likely to be noticed or targeted by other forces!”

      ”Rather than that, it would be better to keep a low profile and hide deeper! Let the outside world think that the Wade family has bowed down to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and is greatly wounded, so that not only will the hidden enemies be relaxed, but in case there is any big battle in the future that requires the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall to step in, it will also be able to attack them unawares and take them by surprise!”

      Lord wade understood Charlie wade’s intention and hurriedly asked, “Charlie, aren’t you going to announce your official return to the Wade family this time?”

      Charlie wade said, “For the time being, it’s not time to announce it to the public. I want to find out the truth about my parents’ murder first, and I also want to find a chance to find out the bottom of the Rothschild family.

      Lord wade nodded gently and asked him, “Charlie, how am I going to announce the change of the Wade family head to the public?”

      Charlie wade said, “There is no need to deliberately announce this matter to the public, from now on, I will actually be in charge of the Wade Family’s big and small affairs, but on the surface, you will still be the Wade Family’s head.”

      Lord wade agreed and said, “Good! Then I will not announce it for now.”

      Charlie wade looked at the crowd behind himself again, arched his hand and said seriously, “Gentlemen! Thank you all very much for coming to Wade Lingshan today for me, Charlie wade, but I also ask you all to do me a favour and not divulge everything that has happened on Wade Lingshan today!”

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